Doing Business As a Heartrepreneur®


Over 30 years I’ve been in business and have mentored over 5,000 business owners worldwide. And one thing is clear: most business owners do not know the business perspective - service first, business second.

Let’s face it! In the business world, people are fighting for customers. With the use of Facebook ads, Google ads, networking, and leads groups, businesses are hoping to land more customers, but not coming from the heart!

What I Learned From Zig Ziglar

In 1982 I learned how to do heart-to-heart business after my training from the motivational and sales guru Zig Ziglar. “You can have everything in life you want if you will help other people get what they want.” His famous quote changed my business and my life. After hearing those words from Zig, I have focused all my businesses around serving and helping others. I give free courses, free seminars, free teleseminars, free webinars, and free training to serve and help other startups. In that way, I have created more success in business and in life and you can, too.

What I believe is that when I give back to the world of business that has been so good to me, I can help others transform and pass forward success. I have seen all of my businesses flourish and grow over the years because I focus on being heart-centered and truly caring. “I care, you matter,” that’s my motto in life. I live that motto, and it is my philosophy.

What Is a Heartrepreneur®?

A Heartrepreneur® means you help, give, and share without expectation.

Let me give you an example of how this transformed a business. One of my clients is a chiropractor. He is a startup and has no business experience. When I met him, he was about to invest in Facebook ads. I embraced him as a client family member and told him, “I am a Master Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach and don’t believe in spending money. I believe in making money.” I told him to save that money. Instead, I told him to be of service in his local community and I asked him to give free sessions to runners of local marathons, to give a free demo at local health fairs and health clinics, and to offer the same thing to members of his networking and referral groups.

Within two weeks, he had 19 new patients. Why? Because he demonstrated his heart and passion, along with his expertise. More and more people are becoming patients after experiencing and appreciating his chiropractic service. He doesn’t have to sell them, himself, or the benefits of his services.

As a heart-based business owner, it’s necessary today to make a difference in your products and services. People have many choices about where and how to spend their money, and they are attracted to businesses that are transparent, authentic, and have integrity. This is the Heartrepreneur® philosophy.

Terri Levine, PhD


Terri Levine, PhD is the founder of and and has helped more than 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. She is also a best-selling author and keynote speaker.  Her most recent best seller Turbocharge: How To Transform Your Business As A Heartrepreneur® became an overnight sensation.