Dressing For Love; An Entrepreneur's Edition

21-23 september 2018 | Jenna Lane missouri | www.girlsgetaway.com-31.png

As we kick off the new year and roll into the Valentine’s day holiday filled with paper mache hearts, long stem roses and chocolates, we are not always accompanied by a better half. Whether you have a fancy romantic dinner planned or a fun night out with girlfriends or buddies, you can dress according to the holiday season without looking too overdone.

Do your best to stand out in 2018.

As a busy entrepreneur, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially for those of us who aren’t quite sure how to approach the day of love and all the festivities that it comes with.

Instead of wearing the cliche red dress or red blouse, try for a statement piece instead. Talent director and fashion stylist, Jennifer Lewis, says that having one staple item in your closest is sometimes all you need to change an outfit from day to night.

As you go from a busy day of hustling in the AM, you can easily transition into the PM using this simple, yet brilliant, tip! Miss Lewis recommends a dark wash skinny jean (or pant for a more professional wear) paired with a classy blouse and topped with a blazer for your casual yet professional AM look. To switch to a PM look, simply remove the blazer and top your blouse with a statement necklace or pair of earrings to draw the whole look together.

As the 14th approaches, how will you be dressed? To tie in your festive wear, pair an accent piece into your outfit. This could just as easily be a simple pop of color to your ensemble. Ladies, try for a gold or silver necklace with a touch of warm color such as a pink or red. When paired with a neutral palette of black, navy, cream or white, you’ll create a classy and not overly festive look. Your look will be just enough to show you’ve recognized the holiday without going overboard.

Carmel McAndrews


American High fashion runway and print model, upcoming author, college graduate with a Bachelor degree in Communication, female entrepreneur, and high fashion runway coach. Carmel McAndrews is a coach for all things modeling and teaching self confidence. She mentors young women just starting in the modeling industry. Her mission is to provide clear steps and guidance for how to become a working and successful paid model while avoiding the illegitimacy that is so prevalent in the industry. Her coaching provides clear guidance on how to prepare, maintain and acquire agency representation.