Minimalism in Emotions, Less Panic, More Power. #EmoInControl

Minimalism, why less is more.

21-23 september 2018 | Jenna Lane missouri |

I remember laughing hard when I first heard “Don’t get your honey where you make your money.” With good reason, romance in the workplace, along with other emotions like anger outbursts, uncontrolled energy, and grudges held against others, simply have no place in the audience of your company. I’m not saying emotions are bad; I’m saying they have their purpose and must be taken in consideration, but not allowed to take control.

Emotions come from within. We react how we choose to and direct our emotions and actions in ways that are self-soothing. It’s always easier to blame someone else, but that doesn’t get to the core of the problem. It simply allows emotions to take their course because we feed into those behaviors. Consider the following next time you feel your heart flutter or anger arise.

If an office romance is beginning to cloud your judgment and blur your focus, proceed with caution! A working environment is not the place to meddle in affairs of attraction. A work environment has a goal to meet by the end of the day and a tempo of productivity that are hindered by flirtatious behaviors. However, if cupid’s arrow can’t be deflected, consider coming forward and disclosing the relationship to HR to avoid conflict. Leading the lust or love from a new relationship outside of the office and into open spaces on your free time is best altogether.

If you have a hot head temper and emotional outbursts, take a moment to step back and think of what this reflects of your leadership and capacity to handle responsibility and pressure. Again, emotions aren’t bad; it’s just bad when we let them take over and take the wheel that guide our decisions.

Next time an issue arises, view the situation from a 3rd person point of view to better help you see it from all angles. This simple exercise will help you be more mindful to what others involved are experiencing. This habit assists you in looking at your own emotions in an analytical light, rather than reacting to them at face value. With practice you will be wiser in your decision making, and be calm and collected under pressure with greater ease.

As always with minimalism, you get something in return for everything you rid yourself of. For distancing yourself from knee jerk reactions to gossip or bad news, you now gain the ability to value more and show genuine joy for the events that merit a display of positive emotions. Now you can better manage expectations and losses by not letting the emotional toll that comes with those situations get the best of you.

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Juan David Ortiz-Romero

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Self driven and always up for a challenge, Juan David is a USMC veteran with the drive to be productive and engaged in the projects he works on. Juan has been involved with several nonprofits assisting them with event planning, logistics, and social media marketing. 

He is currently the CMO at LendIt a sharing economy platform, and also the lead event planner for the San Diego Mac N' Cheese festival and the San Diego Veterans Chamber of Commerce.