Energetic Persuasion


As a ship is guided by the gusts of wind on the open seas, the sails navigate the ship to its destination as smoothly as possible. Influence in our society is very similar in this manner to the analogy.

The wind represents the manner in which we receive information in society, we are the sails, and the ship guiding along the journey of life. The winds can be either a slight breeze or a hurricane depending on the conditions. We are used to seeing advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, Magazines, accprint articles, brochures, bus ads, etc. We are bombarded by so much information in our present day, now more than we have ever been in history, so it’s tough to decipher what is worthwhile information and what is not.

Influence breaks down into who can captivate the energy of a person or people. It comes not only from the person, but the message a person has, and the charisma and energy they put into that message. Anyone can say motivational quotes to a large crowd, but how it is shown to a group has a more profound impact because of the way it makes us FEEL. Energetic motions, or “emotions” are what people thrive off.

People will emotionally connect to a message or an object delivered from a person who brings energy into the message or object. This is why people in sales do much better without telling the facts and figures to convince someone to buy their product and instead concentrate on gaining the attention of the individual interested in the product or service being sold.

Understanding the mindset of an individual, and tapping into that aspect of what makes them genuinely interested in what you have to say or have to sell is what influence is all about. People are only responsible for their actions and their actions alone, but the influences that surround those people are what guide them into their decision making. And what that breaks down to is what kind of energy persuades them to act in that manner.


Dr. Adam McBride is originally from Massachusetts. He received his Bachelor's of Science in Health & Exercise Science from Syracuse University in 2008, and he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic degree in 2015. His background is in personal fitness training as well as Physical Therapy. Dr. McBride's approach focuses on finding the underlying root causes behind pain and dysfunction from a structural, biochemical and emotional standpoint. His business is Concierge/Mobile Based service and also runs a practice in the Sports Rehab Department in a Self Made Training Facility in Mission Valley.