Energize To Scale Your Life

Energize To Scale Your Life


The Choice

We’re all faced with a decision in life where we are just sick and tired of the bull$#@! And we are not where we said we would be once we turn a certain age. There’s this one moment, where I was doing so well at a job, and it was within what I use to love, which was social media. The company was doing so well, and everything was flowing the way it should be. But, then I get a phone call from the company and just like that, the social media company lost a large portion of revenue, and I was out of a job. I was angry, upset, and hurt. However, this was a blessing in disguise, and I was about to make a big choice that would bring me to a new level of success.

The Entrepreneur Way

I looked at my life throughout my 20s, and no matter how good of a job I did at a company, I’d always get let go. My family was telling me to keep finding another job, but I was fed up and said, “No! I will run this show my way, and I will work for myself.” My former boss called me, and she told me she felt bad for letting me go and that it wasn’t my fault. But she gave me two clients as a parting gift, $2,000 for getting let go? Why not? I remember the moment it happened, and I knew I was going to commit to being a full-time entrepreneur. 

Using My Gift

From being a social media marketer to a keynote speaker, I’d say that is pretty damn awesome and a step to higher greatness. I’ve always wanted to be in this position for a very long time, and all it took was getting fired from something that I thought I loved. I scaled my life to finding a community of entrepreneurs, getting a mentor, speaking at high schools, colleges, etc. Today, I am using my gift to empower the youth and energize the people who need it the most.


Dominic Cruz


Dominic Cruz is the CruzIN Social Media Marketer, ex-professional hip-hop dancer, & college graduate at SDSU. He has a strong passion for social media and for what it has to offer to business owners like you. He was raised in the city of Boston, MA and born in New Orleans, LA. Every day there is something new in the world of social media and there are multiple ways of getting paid using social media. It's the platform that brings you exposure and with more exposure is more opportunity to bring in GUARANTEED revenue.