Entrepreneur Spotlight: Devona Stimpson

Meet Devona Stimpson! This badass entrepreneur is taking San Diego by storm with her beautiful art and business savvy! As the designer and artist behind Art by Devona and founder of GangSTAR Creative, Devona is helping creatives thrive in business and in life! This boss babe doesn’t only kill it in the creative world; she is a fantastic marketer, branding expert, speaker, and a best selling author!

Devona was always creative growing up. In the fourth grade, she created her first website and fell in love with graphic design. From then on she learned everything she could about graphic design. Luckily she is a self-motivated woman that knows what she wants and goes after it. So despite small comments from others about her having an art degree, she is pursuing her passion and giving back to the creative entrepreneur community! Entrepreneurship is something that has always been in Devona’s blood. She has always worked as a freelancer and has also built Strive and Grind with her husband, Kevin. However, there was one amazing art show that pushed her to her creative entrepreneur side.

Devona and Kevin visited an art show in Los Angeles featuring amazing artists from Instagram. Devona remembers being so angry and disappointed in the business skill of some of the artists. From that experience, Devona decided that the lack of business skill is the reason there is this stigma of a starving artist. So she set out to change the game and show that you can be a creative spirit and make money! Devona spreads her message through speaking, through her book, and through the GangSTAR community.

Devona advises that the first step you should take if you are a creature that has decided to make a living out of your God-given talents is to find your brand. There are hundreds of thousands of people out there that paint, draw, do makeup, write, etc., but there is something that makes you different! Find that thing, brand it, and let people know they aren’t only getting your art, they are getting a piece of you with your art.

After spending years building a branding agency alongside her husband Kevin, Devona is finally getting back to doing what she loves and is passionate about. Now Devona focuses on creating badass art for those who appreciate her style and personal brand. Working on Strive and Grind has helped Devona learn a plethora of skills and meet so many amazing people, but at the end of the day, she had that creative side that needed to get out!

Keep an eye out for Devona’s newest website where you can get prints of her amazing art and get into contact with her to commission a one of a kind masterpiece!!

*** From all of us at Life By Design magazine happy twelve year anniversary to this amazing power couple! Go Devona and Kevin! ***

Devona Stimpson

Entrepreneurs Devona and Kevin Stimpson are the the definition of a power couple. Devona is the artist & designer behind ArtByDevona.com, and the founder of the creative movement, gangSTAR* CREATIVE. Together they founded Strive & Grind, an international branding company. They've been featured in many publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, ABC, and Inc.



IG, FB, YT: @devonastimpson

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Written By: Kristen Crooks


Kristen Crooks is a personal assistant, ghostwriter, event planner, and speaker. She works closely with all their clients to truly understand their passions, tone, and ideas so their vision can unfold in front of their eyes. In a world that is increasing more digital Kristen hopes to bring her personal touch to each article, and event that she works on. While working with Stegela Success Mastery Kristen found her passion in writing and planning events for those around her. Starting out in Cosmetology and Barbering Kristen has always enjoyed the freedom that entrepreneurship allows but was not living her passion! Now Kristen focuses on helping others through amazing events, and making sure their stories are told, and heard! While events and ghostwriting are part of her passion, the true joy comes form helping people achieve their goals, and ultimately see others dreams unfold before their eyes.