Entrepreneur Spotlight: Gerald "Coach G" Eldred

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Gerald "Coach G" Eldred


Have you ever been called dumb? Stupid? Told you aren't good enough? Well, Gerald “Coach G” Eldred has! Growing up Coach was diagnosed with a learning disability and quickly put into remedial classes. The experiences and lessons he learned in those classes drive his mission and passion today! Now Coach G speaks, inspiring kids that have been diagnosed with learning disabilities to know that they can achieve anything in life. As Coach G will tell you, having the support and love of an amazing family helped him believe in himself, and achieve his dreams!

Through high school Coach G played sports, participated in extracurricular activities, and had a large group of friends. When it came time to go to class though, he hid the fact he was in special education classes. Although Coach G was never tested to be put in special education classes in high school, he was there all four years. When it came time for Coach G to start thinking about college, a man that worked with the county came to share a special opportunity. This opportunity would pay for special education students to go to college. This is when Coach G felt like he would have a chance! He accepted the program but the man that presented the opportunity continued to tell him that he would not make it through because he wasn't smart enough.

When Coach G went home he told his parents about the opportunity, and that he wasn't going to take it. To which his father looked at him and replied,

“Wait, someone is going to pay for you to college, and you aren’t going to go?... Well, I guess you are stupid then!” 

Both of them broke out in laughter, and Coach G realized that his father was right. Coach G went on to be an ‘A’ and ‘B’ student through college, but he would never have made that decision if someone wasn't there to support him. This is what Coach G brings to the high schools now! He shows kids that they are smart enough, they can live their dreams, and there is no limit except the ones they place on themselves. 

Through Coach G’s experiences in his life, he has spoken on stages such as the Think and Grow Rich Legacy tour, Massive Success Breakthrough, speaking to hundreds of people at a time. Coach shows how his gift of emotional intelligence can impact not only the youth, but also how it can increase corporate sales, and change the entire school experience.  If you are looking for a speaker, trainer, or consultant for your college or corporate event, reach out to Coach G at: 

Don’t let the labels the world has put on you hold you back any longer, book Coach G today!


Gerald Eldred


Gerald Eldred - aka Coach G is from San Diego, California and is married to his beautiful wife, Evelynn, having together 5 kids and 9 grandkids. At the age of 8, Coach G was labeled dumb and was diagnosed with a learning disability. He has spent his whole life making his label the inspiration behind finding purpose in his life. By exercising strength in business and fostering his love for connecting with others, has been the key to the realization that he isn’t and neither is anyone else the labels society deems. He KNOWS that your future is about breaking down labels to bring out your own "Genius Within."