Entrepreneur Spotlight: Grant Lebeau

Meet Grant Lebeau! A San Diego native, lifeguard, and family businessman with Rickaroons. This company started at a farmers market in 2013 where this father-son duo shared their family’s secret to keeping their family energized. Starting a health-conscious energy bar company does not come without difficulties. Grant has learned a thing or two about what it takes, when we asked what his advice is for entrepreneurs going through this tough stage he gave some amazing advice.

Grant told us that if you can see the path, it becomes a lot more clear. This means finding someone who is already where you want to be in life. Finding someone that can show you where the road bumps are, and lead you the to the fastest path to success will cut down on the likelihood of failure. This can also help you realize that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel but instead can just improve it here and there. The other piece of advice that Grant gave us is that keep in mind as the head of the company you get paid last. There are times where you will be putting in your blood sweat and tears, and not even making enough to survive. But remember that there is a moment where you can get acquired or make it big, and that moment is worth it. It is a hard path that you are walking on, but if you truly believe in yourself and know that this is the path for you, then you must persevere.

While there are amazing things about working with your family like communication is already built. You have that know like and trust factor between each other that allows you to be a little blunter, and know that you will recover quicker if anything does sting a bit.

Finishing up the rickaroon Costco tour is an amazing step, and they are so excited to continue working on their family business. Whether it is innovating new flavors, or getting their product into more stores, the Rickaroon family is here to stay!

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Grant Lebeau

Current San Diego beach lifeguard, Brown University alum, just married, fur-dad to 2 rescue pups from Tijuana, and co-founder of Rickaroons.





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Written by: Kristen Crooks


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