Entrepreneur Spotlight: Victoria Azhocar

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Victoria Azhocar

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Meet our featured entrepreneur of August! Ms. Victoria Prettyshield Azhocar is a fun, energetic, warm hearted, single momtrepreneur! Through the obstacles she has faced in her life, Victoria turned to personal development where she discovered her own strength to change her life, and now helps those just like you find the life they have dreamed of. Now Victoria is your next life coach, but she wasn’t always in entrepreneurship. For eight years Victoria was a field operations assistant, running in a field dominated by men. Victoria learned valuable skills in communication and leadership. 

But the biggest lesson Victoria has ever learned is actually from her hero. As a single mom there are many things that Victoria has had to learn on the way, but having a rebellious teen providing many challenges, led Victoria to turn to personal development. Instead of accepting the cards that had been dealt to her, Victoria decided to buckle down and figure out the rough situations that were going on in her life. Victoria found a strength in herself that may have not been found if she had not been brought down so deep. For this Victoria calls her daughter her hero, for bringing her to that breaking point where she could grow, and Victoria hopes that her daughter sees that she can be her own hero as well!

Through her daughter, Victoria finally explored the world of personal development. After seeing one area that needed repair, she started to see the other areas of her life she could also work on. This is what led Victoria to help those around her find the strength that Victoria has through this situation. Through her coaching Victoria gives you the strength and knowledge to change the situation. She can help you move forward with your life by utilizing timeline Therapy, hypnosis and assisting in the removal of negative emotions along with personal breakthroughs whether it be in regards to career or relationship. 

Through her life and journey, Victoria has learned some amazing things and today, she wants to share with you a few quick pieces of advice to help get you on your journey!

Get started Now!

One of Victoria's biggest pieces of advice is to just get started! When we asked what her biggest struggle or “failure” was, Victoria said that she could have been so much further if she had only started sooner! So get out there and get started today!

Get out of your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is what is keeping you in the same struggles, the same situations, around the same people, and in the same spot. Victoria wants you to know that by doing what is hard in life, you will have an easier life. Getting out of your comfort zone daily will help you grow and stretch yourself to find more in life!

Don’t ever settle

Whether it is in a job or a relationship, don’t ever settle! Until Victoria had started personal development she had not seen her true worth, but now she is motivated to never settle again! Remember how badass you are, and continue to know your worth in every area of your life!

Victoria is a Life Coach using her skills as a Neurolinguistic master practitioner, hypnotherapy master practitioner, timeline master practitioner, NLP Coach, but more than that, she is a mother, a three time surrogate, San Diego born and raised, warm hearted, caring, compassionate, strong woman. And she is always on your side to help you grow and find the joy in your life!

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