Envisioning Your Future


For the past 15 years, I’ve been playing pool in various leagues, tournaments or bars stretching across the United States and including Afghanistan when I was in the United States Marine Corps. During that time I have won multiple championships, MVPs and the right amount of money. Pool has been my meditation, my escape, and my past time that has enabled me to create and follow through on a singular idea. That idea is a clear vision of my future.

Recently I heard that you have to be it before you do it. You do not have what you want but rather what you say. Before every match, I tell myself that I am going to win and as a matter of my word, I follow through on that to the best of my ability. It doesn't matter who I play or how good they are because, in my mind, I am the victor. I have a vision of myself as already winning the match before it starts and more than two out of three matches I play, I win. Imagine whispering something that hasn’t come to pass yet into existence by merely speaking it? I have that power and guess what, so do you!

I recently played an 8-ball game in pool league a few weeks back where I had to win five games, and my opponent had to win three. On the very first rack or game, he broke the balls and made the 8-ball in the pocket which meant that he won automatically. 1-0 him. The next rack, he won that game in two minutes. 2-0 him. He broke the third rack and this time he missed an easy shot. Even knowing I was down 2-0, I still envisioned victory because I knew I was the more skillful pool player and thrive on pressure. I stood up, and over the next 20 minutes, I won five games in a row and won the match. It was not that I was necessarily shooting better than him but rather that my actions would fulfill on the promise and word of my vision which was to win. All that you are and can ever be held to is your word or promises.

When you can create the person you are in the future as the vision of your future self and then take actions as if you were that person, miracles will naturally happen. A similar notion here is that if you’re a positive person and you walk into a room, you will naturally notice all the positive things first and vice versa. The context we create for ourselves and live in comes from the future we have created from a vision of our future self.

What vision would you like to create for yourself that will create the context of the future you would like to live in? Who do you want to be?

Your future is a creation of your word. Speak wisely. Honor your word.


Alex Macklin is a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher in San Diego. He specializes in building strength, mobility, flexibility and rehabilitation with his clients. His mission is to empower people to their own greatness with strength, grace and passion.