Entrepreneur Of The Month December : Greg Reid


As entrepreneurs, we aim to reach new levels each and every day, and we hope the top dogs that we look up to are doing the same thing.

November’s Entrepreneur of the Month goes to a top dog who is doing just that, Greg Reid. The author of over 60 books, and speaking on stages all over the world, Greg is constantly inspiring people to reach their goals, always aim higher, and take action. With every mentee, program and successful venture, Greg expands his entrepreneurial empire. Life By Design is honored to have had the chance to interview Greg to help not only share his story, but also help honor such an amazing man. Greg, thank you for being the fun-loving, inspirational guy that put you at the top of our list.

Greg learned the lesson of leverage as a mere teen. At the age of 14, he was getting in trouble for his entrepreneurial spirit. Originally he would mow the neighborhood lawns for ten bucks a pop, but he started to recruit the other neighborhood kids and paid them $5 per lawn. This is where we start to see entrepreneurship running through his veins.

Although today we admire this kind of spirit, sadly his parents did not (at least back then), telling him that he was taking advantage of the other kids in the neighborhood. Can you imagine what would have happened if that was the end of his entrepreneurial career! Luckily he had something driving him to be an entrepreneur, something that everyone in the world craves, but only a few have.

Freedom. That’s what drove Greg to always aim higher, the idea that one day he would be able to do what he wants when he wants, with whom he wants. Now that he has it, he says he doesn’t have anyone really in his network that truly has a job, and that is what real freedom is. He goes on to tell us that he wouldn’t trade all of his stress to sit in a cubicle. At least this way he knows that he is the one who he could make all of his deadlines, and he is the only one who gets the reward of putting himself through all that stress.

But it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Like you and me, he has had struggles. His biggest obstacle, and one that he believes affects most young entrepreneurs, is mindset. In particular, fear of being judged. This one belief can hold anyone back from their destiny.

His advice is to realize that no one is actually thinking about you; everyone is too wrapped up in what they have going on to actually care what you are doing. Live your life like nobody’s watching, and start taking action because that is the way to success.

Greg has made it a practice to wake up every morning not caring what others think about the way he lives because in his own words “I do it because I know, I don’t hope or wish or believe. I know I’m doing something that I’m destined for.” This attitude helps him take action. You will not see him just sitting around waiting for the perfect time, the perfect idea, or the perfect speech.

Part of being an entrepreneur is seeing that there will never be a perfect time, the situation will never be perfect, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the risk. If he feels that something has potential, then he goes after it because he knows that people will remember the life he has lived, the people he has impacted, not the small tasks, or failures. Does anyone remember the other thousands of times Thomas Jefferson failed? No, because he had other successes, and the same goes for all those trying their best and following their destiny.

Greg says that he knows he will never look back on his life and say, “I wish I would have” because even if he isn’t an expert he takes action.

That kind of gung-ho attitude had us questioning how Greg felt about the phrase “failure is your best friend,” because when you’re willing to take risks like that, there has to be some expectations of failure. He says it is complete B.S. No one wants to fail; everyone would much rather succeed in every venture they put forth and if they didn’t fail they could still learn from all of their successes just like he did.

With each new success, Greg has learned about connections, leveraging relationships, and how to build off each new relationship. Although we do learn from our setbacks and struggles, that doesn’t mean we should hope for them as a lesson. Always aim for success and learn as much as you can on the way.

So how does Greg handle setbacks, stress, and frustration? Well, our lovely interviewer found out there is nothing quite likes a Jack in the Box Oreo shake with whipped cream and no cherry. But on a more serious note, he talks to his friends, mentors, and his mastermind -- seeking council, based off of knowledge and experience, never just opinions.

He mentions that it is important to remember that every person in the world knows something that you don’t, and when someone does give you advice, don’t say “Thank you, but.” Instead, say “thank you” and then decide whether the information is good for you or not.

When he seeks council, he uses the “hand in the sand method.” He explains this as he imagines he has grabbed a handful of sand. Each grain of sand is counsel, or advice, from someone. He then allows all the sand that doesn’t seem like it would work for him fall out of his hand and grasps tightly the ones that seem like they will work

We asked him his best advice to his younger self, to which he responded, “Eat more cake!” No, really, that is exactly what he said, “Eat more cake!” Although eating more cake is perfect advice just as it is, he went on to say “Enjoy your life, love what you are doing, and sometimes it won’t work out, but that’s just the way things go.”

His best advice to his younger self would be to eat more cake. No really, that is exactly what he said, “Eat more cake!” Although eating more cake is perfect advice just as it is, he went on to say "Enjoy your life, love what you are doing, and sometimes it won't work out, but that’s just the way things go."

Being as successful as he is, it is natural for us to ask him for advice for our readers who are just starting out. He offers this golden nugget of knowledge; successful people accept counsel, and failures listen to opinion. When you are looking to succeed you should ask people who have been through what you are going through, and have come out the other side better off. When you listen to people who haven’t been through it and honestly haven’t even considered it, what advice can they give that will truly help you, and how would they know what will help and what would hurt your new business.

When he looks back on his life and has written over 100 books, he says there are going to be some bad ones in there, but no one is going to look at the bad ones. People are going to look at the five amazing ones. Although he is only at 64 books, he says he will reach 100 before he kicks it, and he will have more than one amazing book, even if it is just to prove his mentor wrong. His mentor told him that every person has one good book in them, and he aims to have more than two amazing books, and he is at the very least halfway there.

With all this amazing information he shared, it really got me wondering where he got his start, and I don’t mean when he was fourteen years old and mowing lawns. Greg’s first million dollar deal was actually a telemarketing company. He had started at a telemarketing company when he was 20 years old and ended up being in that business for nearly 20 years. After working for this telemarketing company, he bought his own, grew it to be a massively successful business (as he does with most of his ventures) and then sold it. What an amazing start being in the same business for almost 20 years. It shows that the smallest ventures can be the start to a million dollar deal.

Before his first million-dollar deal, he just barely scraped by high school, and never attended college. When he told his parents that he wasn’t going to college, his dad said that he was being stupid, but he couldn’t be upset because his father didn’t go to college either. The funniest part of all of that is his father told Greg that he would never make money talking to people, and now his “job” is traveling around the world inspiring people by talking to them!

He literally took his father’s words when he refused to go to college, and turned it into a full-fledged career.

One of the keys to making money like this is by helping others get what they want. Part of Greg’s charm is he is always asking people how he can help them. 

He is currently working on a major motion picture called Wish Man (the story of how the Make-A-Wish Foundation was created). A few years ago Greg asked one of the co-founders of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Frank Shankwitz, what his wish was. (No one had ever asked Frank his wish.) His response was that he just wanted his story to be told so his grandchildren would know what they had created. That lead to Greg telling Frank’s story. Through the movie, Greg and Frank will impact millions of people with this one conjoined effort.

Greg firmly believes that, “By helping others you can truly help yourself.”

There is no doubt in our mind at Stegela Success Mastery that Greg not only deserves to be honored as our person of the month, but he also is our very first honoree. He has published 64 books, made millions of dollars, and helped millions of people all across the world. Whether he has reached people through his books, his speeches, or through his help with charity, Greg has touched millions of people’s lives and will continue to do so by always striving to be better.

Whether you know Greg personally, or only know his name, he is definitely someone that we can all look up to, and someone who has inspired (and will continue to inspire) many people, especially all of us at Life By Design!

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Interviewed by: Jennifer Meim

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Written by: Kristen Crooks

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