March Entrepreneur of the Month: Dr. Marty Fallor

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As we move into Spring, our featured Entrepreneur of the Month, Dr. Marty Fallor, has breathed new life into people on a regular basis.



Marty started his entrepreneurial journey his last year of residency while training to become a ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgeon. While still completing his residency, he had already been noticed by others in the industry and has successfully completed nearly 15,000 surgeries, opened 14 practices, and, in addition to his medical license, has a law degree!

Marty’s purpose in life is to help others and, although he no longer practices medicine, he still uses his time to guide others to achieve massive success.


Born and raised in New York, he moved to sunny San Diego after medical school. After moving to San Diego, he showed his entrepreneurial spirit by traveling up and down the California coast on the weekends to work at different practices. While he was finishing up his residency, many sales reps would come to show and sell new products. While many of his co-workers would not give them the time of day, Marty was kind, listened and even offered advice. He accredits much of his success to treating people how he would want to be treated.


Little did he realize he was essentially creating a sales team for himself. Soon the sales reps would visit practices, and when they did many of them gave glowing reviews of Marty. With so many glowing reviews, and being exceptionally skilled in his craft, it’s only natural that many practices wanted to work with him at such a young age.


After completing his training, Marty joined a practice, but found himself being in the O.R. a limited amount of time. Knowing that his time could be better spent, and that he had the opportunity to help more people by creating his own schedule, he ventured off to start his own practice. Having an entrepreneurial mindset, Marty looked for something that could not only benefit himself, but solve problems at the same time. Soon Marty realized that most medical offices only use their O.R. a couple times a week. This meant that there was plenty of time for someone else to come in and use the O.R. on the days no operations were scheduled.

As Marty expanded his empire, he made sure to include others by inviting them to watch him operate and learn from him. He discovered that other surgeons were no competition for him. Instead, his real enemy was doctors performing procedures incorrectly and giving the practice a bad name. This helped elevate those around him, and, in turn, helped grow his practices and ensure he had terrific surgeons working with him.

Although Marty hadn’t considered himself an entrepreneur, his passion, mindset, and action show through as the values of a successful entrepreneur. Marty is still looking for ways to help others. Whether it be advice or guidance, his passion is genuinely assisting others to flourish in their lives.

Marty considers his most significant success the fact that he left his practice on a positive note. Even though he retired his scalpel, he is still grateful for all of those he had the opportunity to work on, and with. This kind of positivity is exactly the mindset we hope to see in San Diego’s influencers.

Through the years of working, opening new practices, and living his dreams, Marty has learned so many truths that he decided to share with us! These tips not only helped him grow his businesses, but they can do the same for you!


First, Marty reminds us never to burn bridges while working with so many different practices. Instead of burning bridges, he let his old practices know that if they ever needed anyone he would be happy to come back. And guess what! He was asked back. If he had burnt that bridge, he knew he would only be hurting himself and his clients.

Marty also shows us that what goes around comes around! While his co-workers were ignoring the sales reps that used to come around, he helped them and treated them like people. Since he was kind, each of those sales reps became living testimonials of his kindness.


Although Marty has had many successes and lived a life of positivity, he tells us that if he had the chance to go back and do it again, he wouldn’t have joined a practice for a salary. He would say to himself to believe that he can do it on his own and that he should just do it!

Although Marty no longer practices, he still enjoys his days helping others and using his knowledge to inspire and elevate other entrepreneurs. With such a positive mindset and such a fantastic success story, there is no doubt in our mind that Marty Fallor truly lives a Life By his Design.