Escape From The Depths


While sipping on a delicious hot cup of coffee I notice that I am surrounded by countless cardboard moving boxes scattered across this place my daughter and I have called home for the last 6 1/2 years. One week from tomorrow we will be moving to our new home. I sit quietly reflecting on the memories we have shared here.

These last years have filled us with happiness, excitement, sentimentality, anxiousness, and immense growth.

Moving creates a unique opportunity to revisit your past. While packing I am reminded of what has shaped us. Some memories are good, some painful, while many are life lessons, all of which I’m unbelievably grateful for.

This path has had scenic routes, detours, speed bumps and I can honestly say I never pictured my life going “quite like this,” but I believe most people adapt to the world around them. Regardless of what we have been through, my passion and purpose remain the same; helping people live stronger, healthier, happier lives. I’m beyond thankful for this endless adventure I call my life and I will continue to make this world a better place.

Meal prepping is a fantastic skill for health enthusiasts. It provides us the opportunity to plan our nutrition and promote a healthier consumption of nutrients throughout the week.

Last night while I was doing my routine meal prep, I was also having a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur. We are both in different stages of building our businesses and it is refreshing to share all of our wild and crazy ideas, dreams, goals, and visions with those who get it…. and who get me.

Entrepreneurs are dreamers who possess such an unquenchable desire for refining themselves and their work day in and day out. They have this raging fire for life and this passion that’s unmistakable. These are my kind of people.

In our conversation about entrepreneurship, I said in jest, “It’s like being on this insane rollercoaster ride where you are having the time of your life and being completely scared shitless, hanging on for dear life, laughing and crying all at the same time. And when it’s over we want to get right back on and ride it again.”

I can correlate entrepreneurship to skydiving or to catching your first wave. I can remember waiting in the water to catch my very first wave all the while getting stung by multiple jellyfish. I was about to give up when suddenly I caught a wave and when I stood up all I could think was this was the BEST DAY EVER and I couldn’t wait to catch another. 

When we stay open to our limitless possibilities, we open ourselves to a much broader potential. When we live a life bigger than ourselves we are free to live a life outside the metaphorical box. Reduce your confinement to the trappings of these walls because narrow-minded limitations prevent our potential for growth. Stay hungry. Stay Focused.

Nicole Zapoli


I'm a single mom, best selling author, coach, RX-2-Movement coaching mentor, EAS Myoplex sponsored athlete, and the founder of Nicole Zapoli Fitness offering custom fitness programming with remote and private coaching for competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels of fitness. I am also co-owner and head programmer/coach at CrossFit Del Mar in Southern California. I enjoy traveling and teaching my NZ Fitness gymnastics workshops at CrossFit affiliates and gyms all over! Most recently I became a #1 best selling author in “The Little Black Book of Fitness”. I enjoy training and competing for fun in CrossFit, weightlifting, and powerlifting, as well as playing in the ocean, gymnastics, dancing, yoga, and anything outdoors that is challenging mentally and physically.
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