Face Your Obstacle


My biggest obstacle is my mind. Being married to such a successful man, Stephen Dela Cruz, I knew I didn’t want to be a wife who “claimed” success because I was married to a successful man. I wanted to be successful because of my own accomplishments. 

I knew in order to be able to be where I wanted to go, I had to confront the very thing that was holding me back, FEAR! I knew I wasn’t stepping out and being the person I am meant to be because of fear. Fear has always had a grip on my life, keeping me from moving forward. 

So one day, I wrote a list out of all the fears I had, from as simple as going to the movies by myself, writing my first book, to jumping out of an airplane. As I wrote the list out, I looked at it terrified of the things I was about to get myself into, but I was determined. 

As each month passed by, I made a commitment to face one fear at a time. As I tackled one fear at a time, I started to feel a shift in me. I started to feel more confident, more accomplished, more faith in myself, more valued, and unstoppable — each obstacle of fear that I confronted started out as something terrifying and turned into a feeling of excitement.

After facing my last fear, which was my biggest fear on the list, jumping out of the airplane, I realized I learned what I wanted from this task. I wanted to learn that despite feeling the fear, I was no longer letting it control me, but now I was able to control it! My biggest encouragement is to face your obstacles despite the feelings it may give you to set you back. If you confront it, you can overcome it!

Angela Dela Cruz


Angela Dela Cruz is a Realtor in California. She is also CO CEO of Stegela where she operates alongside her husband, Stephen Dela Cruz,  10 corporations.
She went to Bethany University in Santa Cruz, CA. She received her bachelors degree in Church leadership with the emphasis of music.
She is in the final edits of writing her first book. She is also in the process of competing in her first women’s fitness competition. You can follow her on Facebook under her name, Angela Dela Cruz.