Facebook Live for Business

Facebook live. Why should you be doing it?

There are more than 2 billion people on Facebook (and it’s FREE). This can equate to dollars in your pocket if you know how to use it properly.

“Social” media is interesting. Media is the dissemination of information. Add “social” to that and you get a recipe for two-way dissemination. Add LIVE VIDEO to that and you get a recipe for IMMEDIATE two-way dissemination.

As a Live Video Queen, I realized the value of Facebook Live early on. In August of 2014 a friend of mine who has cerebral palsy asked me to do a video for him. Hesitatingly (and terrified), I did it. The next day he asked me to do a video every day. Terrified still, I said “Yes” because he asked me and I hate to say no to him.

By April 2016 I had done more than 1,200 videos and Facebook made an announcement that would forever change my life. LIVE VIDEO. Yay! I was so excited. Why? Because prior to live videos, anyone doing videos had to first record a video, download it to their computer, then upload it onto Facebook while watching it take (what seemed like) forever to upload. I was going to save time.

I had no idea that it would mean so much more than just saving time. What I discovered about live video is that the “social” aspect of social media became even more social. Live video became a way of communicating with people instantaneously.

On Facebook Live, people can ask questions and you can answer them immediately. This creates a two-way conversation unheard of anywhere else. You can share stories, provide educational content and entertain your audience.

The two biggest discoveries I made by doing so many Facebook Lives is that being authentic and eliminating the need for perfection are an integral part of live videos.


When people see who you are on a daily basis, they can decide if they want to spend more time with you or not. By being authentic, you attract to you people who want to be with you because they get to know, like, and trust you. You become a micro-celebrity and build rapport with your audience. Your following wants what you have to offer, so offer it to them. Facebook Live is a great way to build your following because you are sharing with them who you are by being authentic.


When you get stuck in analysis paralysis, it's hard to move forward because you are paralyzed with fear. Doing Facebook Live helps to eliminate perfectionism. You WILL make mistakes. And you WILL learn how to laugh them off. We all are human and everyone makes mistakes. The beauty of Facebook Live is that most people understand that you are human and are very forgiving of your blunders while you’re live.

Having done more than 1,900 Facebook Live videos, I believe this is the best way to share your authentic self.

I created a video content planner to help you get started doing Facebook Live videos. Download a free copy today: www.LivingLive.tv/vcp. Now get out there and do a video.

Lynda M West


Being a woman who grew up in an abusive environment and having been previously married to an abusive man, I know the feeling to not have a voice. As I began my journey to find my voice, I realized I always had one. Through the discovery of my voice, I noticed how much of an impact I made. Utilizing all of my personal development experiences, I want to help people become influencers and leaders in their field to make an even greater impact on those they serve. 

Living Live helps you find YOUR voice. Our course of empowerment can enhance your skills to help reach your fullest potential in a short period of time. Living Live offers one-on-one engagement and provides exercises to help you achieve your mission in life. You will receive additional support through our Facebook Group community and together we will make an even greater impact on the world.