With all three combined Faith, Family, and Business, life feels unstoppable! I mean, think about it, do you think you’re losing in life if you are excelling in all three of these words? Nope! Because each word is unique and has special power behind them. In my eyes, the definition of a successful life means having FAITH that everything will turn out great in the end without worrying or stressing, spending wonderful moments with your loved ones (FAMILY), and working a career you’re truly happy with and making a great living from it (BUSINESS). If you have a business or know of any successful businesses, you can see that the way these businesses succeed comes from the culture and environment they create. Businesses that are connected and have a family-like culture always wins.

1. Faith:

Faith, however you want to put it, puts the drive in any business. Entrepreneurship is unknown, and you will never see from the start if your business will succeed or fail. That’s why faith is extremely important! Not just hoping that life will turn out all right, but also taking action steps to manifest the lifestyle you want (Read Think and Grow Rich). Always keep that belief when you are going through adversity to tell yourself, that no matter what, the higher power will always have your back. Faith is your first step in whatever you want to accomplish, be sure to put in every ounce of action you can!

2. Family: 

This word is the most important out of the 3. Without family or loved ones, your life can feel pretty much empty. Family is one of the top reasons for motivation. Examples such as wanting the freedom to spend time with your family or retiring your parents. When it comes to family, you’re fighting more than just for yourself. Family creates culture. Whether at home or in business, if your people aren’t connected, you’re going to experience major breakdowns. In business, your team needs to be aligned with the mission your company has. In the end, it’s all about taking care and being a leader for your people. 

3. Business: 

You need a company with both faith and a family-like environment/culture in your business, or else it’s doomed to fail. For anyone looking to work for a new company, the people they end up working with determines how long they will stay with the company. If the company makes sure to help everyone succeed in the business, the business will last many years. I’ve personally been a part of companies that could care less about me succeeding in the business, and it ends up being a huge learning lesson. Always put your people first if you’re a business owner. That shows true growth! So remember this; “If you are loyal to your people, your people will be loyal to you.”

Jony Gutierez

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Born and raised in San Diego, California, Jonny is making it a mission to influence many around the world that are going through suffering by teaching on topics such as Meditation, Abundance, Mindfuless, and keeping a peace of mind. While discovering meditation back in 2013, life changed for Jonny forever. He has worked in countless marketing/sales positions that helped positioned him into Leadership and Entrepreneurship. With a background in the nightlife and finance industry, Jonny’s main goals is to connect deeply to those who need healing in their life and guidance to be a happier person.