Faith In What Cannot Be Seen


Believing in what cannot be seen, Do you know if you will wake up tomorrow? Do you know if you will laugh or run, or be cancer free? People grind every day believing in something that is going to happen that may never happen.

People go to school in hopes of a grand career, prestige, fame and even riches. Athletes practice endlessly in hopes of becoming the next all-star. The fact of the matter is everyone looking to be more than their current existence has faith that whatever direction they go in will lead them to that success. They don’t know if that perfect scenario will occur, but their faith that their hard work will pay off is what keeps them going.

Although people have never seen God, and the only tangible truth to God’s existence is the writings of other people, people believe without question that God is watching over them. People have faith that God is watching over them, protecting them and guiding their journey through life, Many people have felt spiritual comfort during their weakest times. They had also heard whispers that they say guided them when they had no direction. They believe without question that God was orchestrating their lives.

This is faith. Knowing without seeing and believing in the unknown, People are born with no direction but believe the direction they walk in, will lead them down a good path, Each waking moment is a day filled with unknown, Will the day be filled with laughter or sadness, success or failure?  Being in a bad mood can make you feel like that day is going to be bad, but then it turns out to be good. Sometimes being in a good mood will have you thinking the day is going to be awesome, but then everything goes wrong, Since the day is unknown, why not go through it believing that millions of great adventures are ahead of you.


Bernice Jackson, CEO, and Owner of Rise of Dark Dawn Design company, Through design, my goal is to inspire those who don’t feel they have a voice, who need to be inspired or just need to a good laugh, Currently writing several children’s books and looking to publish this year.