Faith in Yourself


Billions of people around the world attend temples, church services, and mosques to hear the message that can encourage them. Some people even give 10% of their income towards their religion or much more to causes their places of worship support.

But sometimes people have so much faith in a higher power that they forget that the same high power would want them to have faith in themselves. No matter what you believe in, if it is a higher power or not, you are designed to be great, and that is a fact. You are designed to go to overcome. You are designed to leave a legacy.

The same way people prioritize their faith. Sometimes you just have to treat your own self as a faith. You as a religion. For instance, your body is the temple, your own family is the church, your meditation room is your mosque. Your prayers are the list of words of affirmation to yourself that you say every morning.

Again whether you believe or don’t believe in outside powers. Believe in yourself. Though that might sound cliche. I’m literally saying to treat yourself like a religion. The same way people spend time reading their religious book. Read self-development. The same way people attend church, attend a life-changing entrepreneur event. The same way people pray, affirm yourself.

Continue spending time in your own personal faith, but also spend that same amount of time believing in yourself, that your own beliefs in your goals and vision are impenetrable.   

If you don’t have spiritual beliefs, now you have double the time to invest indoor self, while everyone goes to church to listen to their priest or pastor, find a guru that can help you open up in different ways. While people tithe, donate your time and money towards foundations or research.

At the end of the day, all these religious buildings were built by human hands, but you were built by the hands of destiny, so treat yourself as such, and have faith.

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