Faith: Soul’s Desire to Connect


I have traveled far and wide. I have looked here and there. I have been on a lifelong journey to have a greater connection to spirit. Faith in a higher power has been the unifying force in my life. I have delved into many of the religious paths, only to find that strong faith in a higher purpose is what they have in common.

From the religious ceremonies of my Catholic youth to feeling the inner peace of meditation, faith has been there for me through my many moves, career paths, relationships, and hardships. When life has been difficult, I think right away I must pray harder. If it gets tougher then it means I must unite with others in prayer. Sometimes it gets harder; still, I reach out to my many friends of many paths and ask to join me in prayer.

Early in my life, I understood the joy of sacred connection. I have lit candles, chanted, raised my voice in song in many languages to find my connection to the divine. This is what makes me the happiest. In our daily life, there isn’t much time left in the day to reflect on our faith. Making a commitment to set time aside for our spiritual wealth is a challenge. Creating a sacred space is the soul’s deepest desire and one I highly encourage.

Strong faith will take you to places you have only dreamed. In closing, I would love to share with you a poem I wrote about this quest. Let your faith lead the way.

Sacred Space

I find that quiet place, in the center of my soul. Where the flowers bloom. That no harm can touch. The light shines brightly there.

Candles are burning, incense slowly waifs through the air. Currents of beautiful emotions.

Lovely thoughts, fabulous ideas, music from heaven. Listen closely to the elusive melodies, each note exultation.

Feeling the tender sweetness. My heart stands still for a brief instant. The surprise felt when joy, happiness, safety, faith, and love beyond compare enters my sacred space and decides to stay.


Owning and operating my own businesses thrust me into the driver seat of learning many diverse roles. This lead to activities like participating in the creation of startups and being involved in many businesses. My quest for knowledge and seeking out the best has turned me into a networking enthusiast. A lifelong passion for textiles taught me an array of professional skills including research, writing and community events. Giving back to the community is what compels me.