Family & Finances

Family & Finances


On October 9, 2015, I learned a serious lesson on the importance of family. On this date, my mother Pauline Marcia Yoder passed away from a massive heart attack that took her from this world in the arms of my father. It was a peaceful death, and I’m so blessed to have had my mother in my life for the 20 years that I did. One of my only regrets from losing my mother was not taking full advantage of the more than wonderful financial mind that she possessed.

My mother was a credit guru and point wizard. Flights, hotels, and excursions were next to always comped, and if they weren’t, she would come in with her amazing negotiation skills and talk down the price. My mom was an original social media influencer. Years before the real power of social media was known, my mother was leveraging her status on TripAdvisor and CruisesOnly as a powerhouse in the online community for her advantage.

If only she could have harnessed this power on today’s social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, I believe she could be a staple in the travel industry. She gave me the blessing of good credit before she passed, leaving behind a 750 score for my father, sister, and myself. My father, to this day, still speaks of how great my mother was with money and told me life would be more fruitful with an understanding of money.

When I was in college, I would see my mom only once every other month or so, and sometimes it wasn’t on good terms at all as I was a hoodlum in my collegiate years. After her passing, I see my mother everywhere now. The minivan she drove sticks out like a sore thumb in my attention. I hear her laugh at sporting events and see her in the reflections of waterfalls.

Airports do nothing but remind me of the imprint my mother placed on me. With her passing, it makes the appreciation I have for my blood family as well as chosen family blossom with love. Find and cherish your family, life is so short, and you only have one!

As author and life coach, Casey Nicole Fox says, “We do life together.” I am so thankful for my family in Stegela and all the growth I have seen in the past months being with them! Let’s all take advantage of the time we have on this planet and live a Life By Design!

Guap Brady