Family Tiers

Family Tiers


When you think about the word family, what type of emotions come up? Whether good or bad what's your vision of what family should be? Does it excite you thinking about a family that will be there for you and accepts you and is one unit with you through life? Do you envision yourself as a leader in your family, setting an example and healing wounds? 

You opening this magazine and reading through articles full of value sets you apart from those that never think to read the value that will open their minds or inspire them to move forward in life. 

That being said, no matter your experience with family in the past, it's important to have some family in your life. It doesn't haven't to be relatives, but it can be friends or your employees or groups that have the same vision you have that you call family. 

Somewhere you can start living a life of 3rds. One 3rd of your free time you are the older brother or sister of those seeking a path. You are there for them and your pour into their lives. The second 3rd is being in a family of people who are at your level. You mastermind, you call each other out on things to get you to the next level. You are there through the ugly and the good. A family that has one goal and one path. And everyone has each other's back. The last is having a family where there are people who are way ahead of you in life. But they grew to love you and help you since you are humble. It can be a small hand full of people who are wise and give you clarity. They talk, and you listen as a grandson listen to the wise words of either a grandmother or grandfather. 

Appreciate your family or always be seeking for one because you will grow and will be in a place of true refinement. 

The culture of Stegela is 100% family, and it was there where I could find the type of people who could be honest with me, be there to coach me, and there to not only give me breakthrough wisdom but also spend amazing times together at places like Aquatica or the casino. 

Have a place you can feel at home. And if you feel at home by yourself, lead others who are lost and looking for a family. 


Jony Cruz