Fear Is A Choice


When we are born, we are born fearless. This is because we have not yet experienced anything to be afraid of. As we grow older, we become scared of things like monsters, and things like the dark that have come from personal experiences or from watching scary movies. Many fears start when you get a bad first experience when you come across something new. As our minds mature, we get over most of our fears. However, the ones that we do get over are then replaced by new ones.

For example, when I was a child, I used to be scared of dogs because I was chased by my cousin's pit bull who didn't like me very much. After that experience, I was terrified of most dogs that I didn't know. One day when I went out for a run, I ran straight into a pitbull who had just got out of its owner's fence. At that moment the dog barked at me, and I froze, and I thought whether to turn back and run and possibly be chased or stand firm and try to get past it. I ended up standing and walking slowly towards it while it was still barking at getting closer to me. I had to be very attentive and slow. With each step I took the dog became a bit more aggressive. After a couple of tries of trying to walk through and the dog jumping on me a bit, I gave it one more try, this time a little bit farther from him. I was able to get past him, and I continued my run, this time carelessly. Sometimes getting over fear can take more than one try. However, to get over it, you must start with trying.

Something that I have learned from realizing some of my current fears is that these fears only exist in my mind. The fear that is in my mind is only of things that could go wrong. Whenever I face a fear, I switch something on, perspective. Your perspective on whatever you're doing or experiencing is what leads you to fear or not. The power of the mind is very powerful; it is up to you if you want to use it in your favor. You can improve who you are, or you can let your mind work against you. The next time you face a fear, you must remember you have the power of choice to be afraid or not.

Arturo Antunez

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