Featured Entrepreneur: Sylvia Chavez, America's Love Queen

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Years ago when Sylvia was going through one of the darkest moments in her life she decided she wanted to give love to everybody. She found a master, a coach of some sort, and asked her how she can give love. Sylvia told her that she was ready to open her heart and give it all. The master took one deep look into her eyes and told Sylvia she could not give what she did not have. In order to give love, you have to have your heart so full and filled with love that it overflows. And once it's overflowing, that's when you are ready to give love – a true love, not a love from scarcity, but a real love.

At that moment, Sylvia didn't quite understand what she was being told, she just was not ready.

Through the years and thanks to the help of coaches and mentors, Sylvia finally got to be where she always wanted to be. Fifteen years ago, she finally met the love of her life. Now her heart is overflowing with love; she feels loved and loves every single minute of every single day. Sylvia has found her purpose - to be the person who embraces and symbolizes love.

Because the need for love is so important in our world today, Sylvia’s mission is to teach people how to love and be deeply loved and how to really embrace love in all areas of their lives by unlocking your Unique Love Code.

That's how Sylvia started nurturing the idea of what today has become “America's Love Queen.” For Sylvia, if everyone would truly embrace love in true, deep connections, the world would be a much better place and that would impact the whole society.

Sylvia helps others embrace their power by believing to create. She works with those who feel unloved, unworthy, and broken-hearted and guides them to healing and forgiving and rebuilding their heart to a loving heart again.

As an entrepreneur, Sylvia knows very well the ups and downs of this lifestyle. Her biggest challenges to date have been moving from Argentina to America four years ago. She left the comfort of what she knew to come to a place completely unknown, including a language she did not know well. It was a time of huge shifts for her, a time of challenges that struck her to her core. Her thoughts went to the many thoughts of doubt we all have.  Am I enough? Can I adapt to this new world? Can I overcome this new language?

Sylvia adamantly believes in the strength of a woman with a purpose. Every single day she had to look deep within herself and find the wisdom and strength to succeed. She knows she is not alone. With the help of her family and mentors, Sylvia powered through all those new obstacles that moving to a new country created and today she is here with a mission that has nothing to do with herself as a person.

Sylvia feels her most epic moments to date are overcoming fears. By putting herself "out there" she received many great things in return. She has read books by people she has now met in person. She writes and delivers value to readers of this magazine. She speaks, hosts events, and coaches people one-on-one and helps them heal their hearts and souls. She is now writing her own book and building her life in a way that brings her tremendous rewards. She has experienced much growth and knows it's all because she allowed herself to be open to receive it.

When asked what she would like to see more of in entrepreneurs, Sylvia said, "more passion, more open hearts." She feels most are too afraid to show vulnerabilities because there's a belief that being vulnerable is being weak. Sylvia encourages you to embrace who you are and those experiences that have made you who we are. Being vulnerable is not being weak. It's just the opposite - once you show yourself and open your heart, every door will magically open.

Sylvia's mission is to empower each and every one of you to live in love. If you have a pain, a belief that may be stopping you or limiting you or making you feel miserable, reach out to her. She will help you heal and return your soul to a soul full of outpouring love.


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