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After using it to heal from her own surgery and illness as a teenager, Tara felt called to do natural healing to help others. She first started her entrepreneurial journey 20 years ago in 1998 when she started helping people and training around the world as a holistic health provider. She has spent most of her life on the East Coast where she built a thriving practice and helped heal hundreds of people. Tara has studied holistic health in places all over the world, including Peru, Tibet, South Africa, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand, to name just a few.

Tara's first experiences with entrepreneurship were not in 1998 though. Her experiences started with a long history of entrepreneurs in her family. Her father earned his Master's degree in business and was a guiding force to many businesses. Her mother's side of the family ran several successful businesses too. Going into business for herself just seemed a natural thing to do and the best way to help the most people in the manner she is so gifted to do.

Tara has also been trained extensively in therapeutic bodywork to help people and animals recover from injury, surgery, physical trauma or discomfort as well as relaxation techniques.

When asked what her biggest failure or setback as an entrepreneur has been, Tara had to admit that she really hasn't experienced any significant failures or setbacks. She recognizes she's not perfect by any means and building your own business is not always the easiest path, but for her, this journey has been a very positive one – even when she's gone through illness, her father passing, and many other bumps along the road. She says the most important thing is to get really grounded again, take the time and really be there for yourself. Don't allow the unexpected to knock you off your feet. There will always be the unexpected, but you can learn to expect the unexpected and be there for yourself to move through and develop that connection to your subconscious or your intuition to help guide the way and, of course, get coaching or support as needed.

When asked what her biggest success has been, she gratefully reflects on the number of people she has been able to help and fondly recalls being on the East Coast and being booked three months in advance. Tara says it's very rewarding to see people healed, have them talk about it with their families and friends, and then end up helping whole families and networks. The biggest, most rewarding success is when people recommend you to others.

Tara's best advice to other entrepreneurs and people who want to start their own business is to stay true to yourself and look for ways to grow your business successfully. But she adds, not just successfully, but safely. Be conscious of remaining excited and passionate about what you are doing and find ways that would support you in every area of your journey. And, of course, following your intuition and being balanced is an important way to also move forward to bringing your gifts out into the world – always stay true to your heart and soul.

What the one piece of advice Tara would give to her younger self is to always balance your life. Don't get so focused on what you want to build that you forget to live – you need to still be present in life while you serve others and build the life you want.  It's really important to live your life as you are living your purpose and it's easy to get caught up in your purpose. So, remember to still live while you build.

Tara's favorite hangout spot is Sunshine Gardens in Encinitas and a restaurant in there called Betty's Pie Whole Saloon. They have the most amazing baby pies and not just dessert pies, but entrée pies as well – Chicken Pot Pies, Thanksgiving Pot Pies, Mamma Joe's Meatball Pot Pies. Their sweet dessert pies are delicious as well. A whole area is a place you can walk around and see and buy different plants. It's a place to go and enjoy the food and then walk around and enjoy the environment.

Trilogy in La Jolla is the place Tara would recommend for entrepreneurs to have meetings and get-togethers. It's a great healthy place to go and have a little aerial yoga show and a rooftop view of the ocean.


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Ignited by a passion to help people heal, Tara Tylicki, HHP, CMT, traveled the world in her studies seeking answers since 1998. She explored ancient ways of healing in such amazing places as Peru, Tibet, Nepal, South Africa, Egypt, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and even to some powerful places in the USA such as Sedona, AZ and the Hawaiian Islands. She has been honored to have honed her skills  over many years in advanced training from World Renowned Physical Therapist, Psychologist and Medical Anthropologist, along with other kinds of Practitioners, Chiropractors & Indigenous Medicine people. Becoming an expert in Myofascial Release, Medical Massage Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Energy work, Transformational Coaching, and Teaching. She feels grateful to help you heal your body, mind, emotions, or soul comfortably by phone or in person. 


 Tara was raised with community & strong family values from her parents who were a Navy Captain and a Nurse in New England. She became a Holistic Health Practitioner along her dedicated journey in life after holistic healing helped her heal from her own surgery and illness as a teenager. In the last 20 years she has been grateful to instruct and/or work with hundreds of wonderful people including an Astronaut, Navy SEAL BUDS, CNN Reporter, Doctors, Therapists, High Level Business clients, Athletes, as well as loves working with Whole Families to achieve the results they are looking for on their path to physical, mental/emotion, spiritual, or life success. What is it that you are looking to change? Tara looks forward to working with you! 

Written By: Janine Holman


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