Featured Entrepreneur Carlos Siqueira

Featured Entrepreneur Carlos Siqueira

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Meet Carlos Siqueira. This inspirational entrepreneur has a mission, and it is to change the world one mindset, and one child at a time. Don’t let his upbeat positive attitude fool you. He has been through his fair share of hardship, but used his mindset to overcome his circumstances and wants to show kids all over the world that they can do the same! 

Carlos grew up in a small town in Para, Brazil. He would hustle his hardest, selling anything he could! But even hustling as hard as he could, Carlos would still find himself hungry, and when he did he would walk out into the forest and climb the mango trees. Every so often he would see an airplane fly over head and he always said “one day I will get on one of those, and change the world.” 

Now Carlos is living his dream speaking and inspiring the youth around the world. He wants to show everyone that no matter the circumstances, there is always a way to push through and live your dreams. Carlos inspires everywhere from stages like Epic Mastermind, City Summit to schools! He truly has a mission to inspire the world and he won’t rest till he reaches his goals. We asked Carlos what his three best pieces of advice for you are and this is what he had to say!

Believe in yourself

This is where it all starts! If you don’t believe in yourself you will spend time sabotaging yourself! Start with the belief, this comes from personal development, affirmations, and surrounding yourself with positive people that also believe in you. Now everyone second guesses themselves, but learning to push through those limiting beliefs and accomplish your goals is what it’s all about!

Learn to market and brand yourself

The best thing you can do for your new business is to figure out how to market and brand it! This is a real practical skill that you can pick up from mentors, Online courses, or even google, although google might take a little longer! Don’t be afraid to stand out and be yourself. Continue to try new things and learn your craft!

Find Mentors

That’s right not just one! Find a mentor for everything you can, a business mentor, a life mentor, a speaking mentor. Anything you want to accomplish, correctly and quickly you need to find a mentor in. Now let’s be honest there are a lot of mentors out there and not everyone is going to be a fit for you. So find someone that has experience, shares your values, and has a community. Having a mentor is key but find someone that has built a community you can thrive in!

You can learn more about Carlos by finding him on social media!

Instagram: carlos_siqueira

Facebook: Carlos Siqueira


Carlos Siqueira