Finding Yourself In The Successes of Others


How many books do you own? I love books, as a matter of fact, my living room is beginning to look like a library; I might even be pretty close to Tai Lopez’s book collection. There is so many great books out there, and many of the books are written by many great men sharing with us about achieving success as an entrepreneur.  A few of my favorites are: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, “Winning Friends and Influencing People” by Dale Carnegie, and “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. I recently discovered a new favorite “Miracles Happen The Life And Timeless Principles Of The Founder Of Mary Kay Inc.”

I believe this book is a must-have in your library especially if you’re a woman entrepreneur.  As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur in her 40’s who has also built her business from scratch with a small investment, I am much inspired by Mary Kay’s story.  Her accomplishments are a great reminder that with a great idea, implementation, determination, and enthusiasm we can start small and grow into an into a multi-billion dollar company.

“Within yourself lies everything you’ve ever dreamed of being.”

Mary Kay Ash

Ash set out to create her own business at the age of 45. She started with an initial investment of $5,000 in 1963. The company turned a profit in its first year and sold close to $1 million in products by the end of its second year driven by Ash's business philosophy. She believed in the golden rule, "treat others as you want to be treated," and operated by the motto: God first, family second, and career third.  I know when I put God first everything else falls into place. I want to share with you a simple time management system that reduces guilt and stress and increases success and balance In your life as an entrepreneur.

You only need one calendar and three colored pens.

Step 1: Block out time for God every day. Ex: prayer, meditation or a spiritual read.

Step 2: Block out time for children and or your significant other. Ex: activities, alone time or Date Night. If you don’t have a significant other or children, but you want one then block out time to meet someone or make someone.

Step 3: Block out time for your business  Ex: Calls, Meetings, Sales, Follow up, Networking.

Model and surround yourself with those who have achieved what you would like to achieve.

“Do you know that within your power lies every step you ever dreamed of stepping and within your power lies every joy you ever dreamed of seeing? Within yourself lies everything you ever dreamed of being. Become everything that God wants you to be. It is within your reach. Dare to grow into your dreams and claim this as your motto: Let it be me.” Mary Kay Ash



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