Follow Through with a Purpose


Have you ever made a commitment to yourself or someone else and for whatever reason, didn’t follow through? There are numerous definitions for the word “commitment.” To me, commitment is something you’re obligated to do, and once you make the commitment, you need to follow through and deliver. It makes you accountable and trustworthy.

There are differences and consequences between making a personal commitment and a professional commitment. For example, in a relationship you make commitments to be with a person, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay in the relationship forever if things don’t work out. If a personal commitment is broken, there will be some type of consequences: feelings, money, children, and etc. On the other hand, in a professional commitment, if you promise something, it is important that you don’t break the promise because your reputation may suffer and possibly jeopardize the company’s future.

Commitment is a very important factor for any individual’s success. For any project to be successful, good planning is a must, and the commitments you make are what drive people to take action. Commitment involves not only vowing one’s self to a purpose but also practicing this belief system on a regular basis. Commitment helps build upon a foundation of logic that is linked with person core values and beliefs.

Commitment means persistence, determination and the will to follow through with a purpose or goal in life. Having a strong grit will help you not to give up and achieve the goals you have envisioned in your life.

How passionate and committed are you to making your career successful in 2019? It can be anything from raising your children, staying fit and healthy, to start the project you had in mind but never had the drive to move forward.


Glace is the Founder & CEO of Studio40 Fitness in Poway. The studio is set to open in February 2019. Born in Brazil and moved to the USA 21 years ago. Glace loves to inspire and motivate women to find the best version of themselves. With a background in teaching and holding a Masters degree in Education, Glace aims to help women feel upbeat, energetic and positive about their body and mind.