Food & Fear


According to Tony Robbins, human beings live off two emotions. We make all of our decisions based on two emotions - passion or pain.

Now we link everything to passion or pain. Here is an example, my mentor has been winning a lot of money at the casino. So, casino to him is a passion. Some people will always lose to the casino. They hate going to the casino because they link to the pain since they are continually losing to the casino. So, we go toward where there's passion and avoid where there is pain.

Fear is the same exact way. As a child, kids can play with snakes, cockroaches, or even wild animals as they are growing up. Kids will play with whatever it is until they get hurt. Once they get hurt, they now associate that item with pain. Now that they are hurt, they will avoid being hurt at all costs.

What I absolutely love about food is that it is so diverse. Food is a way to ease people's pains. When people are stressed, they go towards foods that are called “comfort foods.” Foods that brings them comfort in their emotions, for example, ice cream, fried chicken, and cheese burgers. Basically, any kind of unhealthy food with an insane number of calories.

The challenge is you don't want to dilute your pain with food. That's how people become unhealthy, overweight, and even diabetic. When you are feeling the need, for some good food to ease your pain or stress; here are top five restaurants my mentor loves for stress eating:

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood in La Jolla for the view and good food

Truluck’s for the food and ambiance and live piano also in La Jolla

Popeye’s Fried Chicken

Ghirardelli Chocolate & Ice Cream

In & Out Burgers

Although eating out at all these restaurants constantly can be very expensive. Instead, you can always go and invest in a meal prep or private chef to cook food to your absolute likings. Use food to ease your pain but make sure it’s healthy.  

Yoichi Kato


Yoichi Kato is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and a Navy veteran. He is a master business networker & connector who is always connecting people. He is also an amazing Chef who provides private chef services all over San Diego. Yoichi loves to help others and see them thrive.