Free Yourself From Negativity


Have you ever been in a negative environment? Maybe you were bullied, in an abusive relationship, or told you can’t do something.

Removing negativity and leaving a toxic environment is hard. But remaining in that same environment is even harder.

Here are some tips to help you free yourself from negativity.

1) The Law of Attraction Does Work

When you think negatively, you’ll become negative. When you think positively, you’ll become positive. Your energy will attract your surroundings. Think wisely. Attract positivity by thinking positivity.

2) Train Your Mindset

Read books, listen to podcasts and positive music, watch documentaries and inspirational videos to reprogram your mind. Replace your Netflix and TV with personal development content.

3) Change Your Environment

No matter where you live or who you surround yourself with, if they are negative, you have to change it. Get out now. Find a positive environment where you feel safe and comfortable, whether it’s family members or friends. Change is a necessity!

4) Cut Out Toxic People From Your Life

Misery loves company. People want a pity party. If you want to become a positive person, you must cut out the toxic people from your life, even if they are family or friends. There’s no exceptions. Instead, talk to like-minded people who understand and relate to you.

5) Write or Record a Journal

Get a blank book and write a personal journal of your life from the past to present including your secrets and thoughts. If you want to share it publicly, create a blog or even record a podcast and post it online. Writing it out helps to get it out of your brain and onto paper.

6) Pray, Meditate or Be Active

Clear your mind! Pray to whatever God you believe in or meditate. If that doesn’t work, then be active and go outside to release the negativity from within. Exercise and play sports to have fun.

7) Address and Learn From Your Past Mistakes

If you failed at something or screwed up at work or school. Learn from it. Don’t cry about it or blame it on someone else. Own it! Figure out what you did wrong and learn what you can do to not make the same mistake.

8) Realize That You Cannot Change the Past

Woulda, coulda, shoulda. If people hurt you or you were poorly treated in the past, learn to forgive them. If you could have done something that you wanted but didn’t, let it go. The past is the past; you've got to move forward.

9) Cut Out Distractions

Anything that is distracting you from removing negativity, whether it is on TV, music or video games, cut it out so you can focus on building yourself. If you get too distracted, you won’t get anywhere.

10) Love Yourself

Remember, you are your own best friend. No one can bring you down but yourself. The worst enemy is yourself and self-doubt. You must turn your own worst enemy into your own best friend.

By using these 10 simple tips, you will be well on your way to living a life filled with positive people and you will be much happier.

Ron Deleon

Author: Ron DeLeon


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