Freedom, It's Not Only about the 4th of July


Freedom is not only about the 4th of July.

The 4th of July, Independence Day will soon be upon us.  The bravely won freedom of our country can be relived each time we hear the National Anthem, especially on the Fourth of July. I think of not only the vision of freedom our founding fathers had in mind, but our freedom to be entrepreneurs as well.

As a writer, the freedom of thought and speech mean the most to me. Without freedom of expression, creativity has no voice. Each great civilization's progress can be seen and heard in the arts and music of the day as well as the inventions of its entrepreneurs. If we consider freedom from a world view, the concept of freedom is hard to come by or must be won as in the days of our Revolution.

Being from New England, I was blessed enough to visit the Freedom Trail in Boston on numerous occasions. To see where Paul Revere hung the lanterns, one if by land, two if by the sea makes one feel very connected to our history. I have been to Plymouth Rock, where the first folks put their feet on the new world.  In that area is a nuclear power plant that will be closing because of safety. Freedom doesn't mean much if it doesn't include worrying about the safety and well being of the whole as well as the individual.

The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are treaties that secure our freedom as a nation. When as a person we reflect on these truths, we become passionate not only about our freedom but the freedom and safety of those in other countries. As Memorial Day has crept past us, the sacrifice of the military cannot be denied. Our armed services protect our rights to live in freedom. My question to you is: what will you do with your freedom? Stand still and silent to the tragedies of this world? Complain about how it inconveniences you? Or are you going to be an entrepreneur in the cloth of our founding fathers and make a difference in this world?  And because of freedom, the choice is yours!

"Paul Revere earned his living as a silversmith. But what do we remember him for? His volunteer works. All activism is volunteering in that it is done above and beyond earning a living and deals with what people really care passionately about. Remember, no one gets paid to rebel. All revolutions start with volunteers." Susan J. Ellis


Cynthia has a passion for art and science. Her background and travels have given her a unique perspective. A lifelong artist, she has studied architecture, art, and design in addition to her degrees in research and business. Experience has made her a catalyst for innovation.