The Tactical Practitioner – Todd Gross Jr is the C.E.O./Founder of Breaking Glass Ceilings, uses Neuro Linguistic Programming and aspects of Military Tactics and Precision to help those who are looking for it – to LIVE their mission. It wasn't always this way…Todd grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and wondered where the next meal would come from. He saw that his parents worked hard, but they continued to struggle. Hearing things like "we can't afford that," "money doesn't grow on trees," "that's too expensive," etc. caused him to become conditioned that hard work equals struggle and that struggle followed him everywhere. It even followed him all throughout school. He was even labeled as dyslexic. Depression and suicidal thoughts plagued his thoughts daily.

Thinking that leaving his environment would change everything, he decided to join the Navy 15 years ago.  Little did he know; depression and suicidal thoughts would not go away just because he was no longer in Baltimore. He tried to work hard to "ignore" the depression, but experiencing the "hard work equals struggle" whenever he tried to do work that it just led to more depression. That depression eventually turned into rage. He didn't care about his own life, so he didn't see the value of anyone else's. Many altercations broke out between Todd and his superiors all too often. He felt like the end was near. He was about to make a rash decision, and at that moment, he received a call of a loved one needing some serious support. 

That snapped him out of the rage and into contribution. At that moment, Todd realized that he needed to find a way to contribute more. This was when Todd was introduced to personal development, self-help, and coaching. Investing in personal coaching was where the change began. Mastermind calls, 1on1 coaching sessions, business seminars, certifications all led him to become the contributor he is today. He credits the changes he has made in attitude, relationships, health, and wealth to NeuroLinguistic Programming. He has committed his life to one of connection and contribution to help others find their purpose!


You have to know WHY you do what you do! A lot of people don't get deep enough when it comes to verbalizing their WHY. Some say," My why is my kid…" That's NOT deep enough! I look at WHY as an acronym for What's Hurting You? What's hurting you about your kids? Once you find out what's hurting you about where you are today, you MUST vow never to be there again! The next step is to cast your vision…


"Without dreams and visions, people die." Who do you want to be tomorrow? Are you settling to stay the same person you are today?


What are you here for? Your purpose is an action that you take daily to get you from your WHY to your VISION!


Todd Gross Jr

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Todd Gross Jr is a 15-year veteran who has studied Neuro Linguistic Programming to communicate better and help veterans that are transitioning and struggling with PTSD. The Baltimore native has recently moved from Maryland to California to expand his vision and impact. He's passionate about helping as many people as possible find their higher purpose.