Full Body Stretching Exercises To Try At Home


Cardio workouts and strength training are a keystone of any robust workout program. When preparing for these workouts, the primary focus should remain burning calories, and be building muscles. In this process, one should not forget about stretching. There should be no question whether we should do stretching or not. Stretching is essential, and you can do stretching both before and after the workout.

However, stretching before hitting any sort of exercise or weight lifting is essential. Stretching is important, yet often most neglected part of the fitness. Not only while working out, but you should also include stretching and flexibility exercises into your daily routine. Avoiding stretching may result in increased soreness and fatigue. Below is the list of full body stretching exercises you can try at home:

1. Standing Hamstring Stretch

This is a great stretching exercise that targets your hamstrings and lower back. You should do this exercise while lying back on the floor if you’re having lower-back issues. Stay in that position and extend your leg upward. Repeat it with both the legs.

2. Standing Quad Stretch

The standing quad stretch exercises focus on your quadriceps or the front-thigh muscles. Stretching your quadriceps is really important as tight quadriceps may lead to pain in knee and back, or even result in an injury. You need to be cautious if you’re already suffering from knee or lower-back pain. If you’re having back pain, you may perform the same in a lying position.

3. Standing Biceps Stretch

To improve the range of motion and increase muscle strength, it is crucial that you always stretch your biceps. This exercise stretches the tight muscles in your biceps. There are various types of biceps stretch. One of them is standing biceps. This exercise is beneficial as it also helps in reducing the soreness of the muscles. It also reduces the level of tension in your chest and shoulders. You should ALWAYS stretch your biceps after an upper body workout!

4. Seated Side Stretch

Seated Side Stretch stretches the neck, back, shoulders and obliques. This is a perfect exercise for stretching the sides of your body. However, we suggest you remain a little careful if you have any problem in your knees, shoulders or hip area.

5. Triceps Stretch

It is critical that you should stretch your triceps. It also reduces the risk of pulling any tight muscle and would provide your muscles flexibility and durability. Always perform triceps stretch after any pressing or arm-based workout. It helps in reducing the chances of an injury.

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