Get These 9 Things Right … Overcome Any Obstacle


When you take care of nine categories of your life, you can overcome any obstacle. 

1. Self

Take care of yourself. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To be able to care for everything else. Be a lifelong learner and gain the tools to work through any issue systematically.

2. Your nuclear family

Taking care of your spouse and kids make your family relationships strong. Tell your kids you love them. Ask them questions. Stay involved. Make sure you and your spouse remember why you like each other so you’ll have a relationship after the kids move out.

3. Your birth family

Check-in with your parents and siblings, if they are no longer alive, stay connected with childhood friends. Anyone who knows your history can keep you grounded.

4. Friends

Are your friendships healthy? Do you keep in touch sufficiently? Do you have any resentments that need resolution? Did you leave someone behind when you got busy with your family? The number one chance of an engaging retirement is having great girlfriends. It keeps life interesting.

5. Money

George S. Kaufman wrote, “I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor. Rich is better.” Live beneath your means and save for retirement – you’ll be happy you did.

6. Career

Are you on a traditional career path? Are you happy with that? Our school systems are set to raise workers, not entrepreneurs. That’s great for most of us. But if you’re interested in a non-traditional career path, find a way to pay the bills as you get it off the ground. Tell everyone else to mind their business and be supportive.

7. Creativity

Is your work creatively fulfilling? If not, do you have enough creativity at home to make up for it? Innate creativity is a blessing. Finding a list of ways to be creative is the next best thing.

8. Discipline

When you’re not working, are you using time in a productive way? Have the self-control to actually implement your goals. Discipline is essential for life. To put it in parenting terms, you’re either giving or receiving the spanking. 

9. Lifestyle

Don’t look at the Joneses. Are you enjoying your life? Are you having fun? Are you doing something to make the world a better place? 

Have yourself squared away. You’ll have set out a series of steps that allow you to recognize the actions required to complete any goal. 

That which is measured improves. If you want to track your progress, once a week, assign yourself a grade with comments. If you want a record for your future self to look back upon, do it on the computer – you can track it anywhere. 

Identify the obstacle you’re determined to overcome. Break it down into manageable steps. Recruit your resources to help. With your personal well-being in hand, you’ll be several steps closer to your goal.


Overcomer of many obstacles, Gail has learned to better balance these 9 sections to more easily overcome physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or financial obstacles while increasing the fun factor. 

Gail, a physician for over 25 years, typically worked in a Catholic hospital. The change to a non-faith based facility was surprisingly jarring, but her faith and method to square herself away on the threshold of each patient's room persisted. Faith, family and friends, and working out regularly prevent the burnout running rampant through Gen X physicians.