Give Generously


Giving… This was something that was extremely hard for me. Growing up in a half Asian culture household, where we are taught to save, save, save and not spend, generosity was not something that was taught to me as a child. When I started to date Stephen, who grew up in a Filipino household, where the culture is all generosity, was the beginning of where I had to learn to give. Being a witness to seeing Stephen’s family being so generous, I also noticed that each person in his family was also very wealthy. Putting the two together, that generosity is what brings forth blessing was the light bulb that clicked and was the beginning of me learning to be generous myself.

During my journey of learning to be generous, I remember this time where I had told Stephen, "Let’s go out and give money to the poor. Not give food, clothes, hugs, and kisses, but straight up cash!" Does that sound like a crazy idea? Yes, it was! O’boy was the homeless line long on the day we gave out money. I think people who were not even homeless went in that line. To each person in the line, we gave out $5. By the end of the day, Stephen looked at me and said, “I think we should give food next time.”

The journey to giving was a slow process, but I knew that giving was the key to success. Giving was the very key that brought forth the tremendous blessing for each one of our businesses. There were times where we felt to give our entire bank account, learning that money was not our provider, but God was. Now, Stephen and I to provide a significant amount to non-profits, ministries, etc.… I am not longer worried about the money, but am excited, because I know that each time we give a significant amount, God is getting ready to do something amazing!

My most significant encouragement is GIVE! Give generously. Let God be the one who becomes your provider and not be reliant on money. Now I am not saying give and sit and do nothing. I do believe faith without workout works is dead. But, I do believe if you put in the work, have the faith, and be generous, you will see God move in your life abundantly!

Angela Dela Cruz


Angela Dela Cruz is a Realtor in California. She is also CO CEO of Stegela where she operates alongside her husband, Stephen Dela Cruz,  10 corporations.
She went to Bethany University in Santa Cruz, CA. She received her bachelors degree in Church leadership with the emphasis of music.
She is in the final edits of writing her first book. She is also in the process of competing in her first women’s fitness competition. You can follow her on Facebook under her name, Angela Dela Cruz.