Giving and the Law of Attraction


I'm sure you've heard of “The Secret”…it was a book, then a movie and even major influencers like Oprah have endorsed it and the powerful life-changing concept of the “Law of Attraction.”

As we take a look at giving in this issue, it's a perfect opportunity to incorporate the act of giving into the practices of the Law of Attraction. It creates a win/win synergy that benefits everyone!

1. Practice gratitude. A key concept behind LOA. Journal about the things you are grateful for. Listen to affirmations or repeat the mantra “ I am grateful…” Here is the practical, physiological reason why this can help you: When stressed out, your body produces cortisol. If you have anxiety, you are engaging your adrenal gland on a regular basis. These hormones cause inflammation throughout the body, premature aging, and lead to life-threatening ailments such as cancer! When feeling “gratitude,” you feel happy, light, blissful. Your body kicks out endorphins and oxytocin. These happy hormones counteract stress and anxiety hormones. This, in turn, improves your health, longevity, vitality, energy, and outlook on life. When you are more upbeat and positive, you engage more with others, you are inspirational to your family, friends, and peers. You are simply more fun to be around. When you show gratitude towards others, you raise them up and make them feel better about themselves.

2. Meditate. Another cornerstone of LOA, the effects of this are similar to practicing gratitude. It also develops patience, clears the mind of the clutter, and allows you to increase your focus. Meditation balances the mind, body, and emotions. When you are in a healthy mental state, you can make sound, rational decisions and control negative emotional outbursts. Just as misery loves company, enthusiastic, positive people attract other enthusiastic, positive people. Those are the people who are most likely to be successful in their own right. And you become like the people you hang around. Meditation leads to mindfulness, which facilitates making positive life choices and being kind to others. The act of giving can be passive and still impactful to others. Simple actions throughout the day can lead you inevitably down a path of success and fulfillment. Small acts of kindness can create a ripple effect that spreads like wildfire, inducing positive change in the world in a big way!

3. Give of yourself generously. Now we are being more direct. As you give, so shall you receive. It seems counterintuitive that if you are lacking and desire abundance, the answer is giving what you have away. But if you try this out, you'll see first hand how this really does work! Donate to a charity, help out a neighbor or friend in need...GIVE! It does not have to be something monetary or physical. You can be of service to others, and this aspect of LOA still holds true. In fact, what you project out into the world comes back in abundance. Be generous and the universe will be generous to you!

Latara Dragoo

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The Law of Attraction has been an important influence in my life ever since I found out about “The Secret”, but it already had a profound effect on me long before that. I went from running away from an abusive relationship and living on my sister’s couch, to owning my own home and working in the publishing industry for over 16 years. Now I like to be of service to others; I love helping small businesses level up and move into a bigger game. I believe happiness and success is our birthright....Sometimes we just need a leg up.