Giving With Balance


Nothing feels more amazing than the sense of joy you feel when giving back. While many think giving is giving gifts, its truly comes in with many shapes and forms. We all love gifts (I sure do), who doesn’t. I’m quite sure I'm not the only person who loves receiving gifts, and I’m not talking about people giving presents. My point is, the word “gift” has been abused physically to society to be recognized as giving (take a minute to let that sink in).

My definition of giving is coming from the heart or out of love. Here are a few examples of what it means to give. Giving can be seen as spending time with someone you care about because you are giving your time to be with them. Giving can be providing a meal on the table for your family because you don't want them to starve. You see, giving is caring, and it doesn't have to be supplied from spending money on expensive things to an individual. With that being said, there are pros & cons of giving.


My mentors taught me a lesson about why a person should give no matter what. It is said, “The more someone gives, the more success will enter their lives, and for those who don’t, they will never be able to understand what it feels to be fully successful.” To someone who gives, it truly offers the person an increase in relationships. What that does for the person is building bonds, connections, increase their network, and all in all, make them feel amazing which then leads them to success. In the end, giving leads you to a path of success.


However, sometimes we can overly give, and that may cause us to be taken advantage by others and especially ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, giving back is great, but when we overdo it, we can hurt ourselves. Back to society recognizing giving is giving gifts, behind it is finances. A lot of the time, people giving has money behind it because to be quite honest, the majority of society likes things that signify a lot of money was spent on it. With that being said, someone who always gives can hurt themselves financially. First things first, you should always pay yourself. Always give, but give with balance.

Darian Chem


Darian Chem is an author speaker podcast and vice President of yes at Crawford high school he is a very outgoing leader who leads by example by always taking action on his goes while helping others achieve theirs