How To Go From Being Labeled Dumb To #1


3 Keys to Achieve More Despite Negative Labels


Have you ever had a negative label put on you? Dumb, stupid, slow, loser, idiot, worthless, or, perhaps you were labeled with a learning disability;  ADHD, Dyslexia, or fill in the blank. I've been there; at age 8, I was labeled “dumb” and diagnosed with a learning disability. I was put into Special Education classes all the way through High School.

The problem with labels is, the longer we wear them, the less they describe our present, and the more they determined our future. It's about breaking down labels to bring out your own "Genius Within."

You walk around wearing the negative labels, and with age, the effect somehow becomes more real. Labels lead to bondage and imprisonment, have you been there? Labels restrict you and hold you back from your dreams and goals. What label do you wear? What label do you need to rip off?

How do you take those negative labels off and go from your mess to your success? Here are three keys that helped me go from being labeled “Dumb” to becoming #1, and I guarantee they will help you too!

1. Get a Coach!

You must have mentors/coaches. Coaches help you with your self-confidence and self-esteem, they help with your professional career and your business growth. A coach can identify your weakness or 'labels,' and help you turn them into success. They will keep you on track and focused on your goals. All millionaires and billionaires have had or have coaches – it's time you get a coach today!

2. Take Action on Your Goals!

Having goals and dreams are important, but action must be taken! I have a saying, "If you have a goal but it's not written down, and action isn't taken; then it's just a dream, and you might as well go back to bed." You first must know what you want, have a target written down, and take action to achieve it. Goals help you focus on the what's next and not on the 'labels' you carry from the past. That's another thing coaches help with, they help you to achieve the goals you set.

3. Change Your Thoughts!

You need to change your B.S. or your belief system. Change your mindset and self-talk; that negative self-talk has you believing the negative 'labels' society has put on you. Those limiting beliefs hold you back from achieving what you want and deserve, it keeps you from getting over the negative names and self-doubt. Ask yourself, is the 'label' true? Does it define you? "Someone's opinion of you does not determine your reality." Empowering beliefs will drive you to greatness despite those labels. These principles helped me to overcome my learning disability label. My coach helped me get over my limiting B.S.

Because of my expertise as a Restauranteur, Entrepreneur, and Mix Martial Artist, I am a sought after Coach and Speaker for events and corporations with over 30 years in business. My passion is helping people find and live in their Genius as well as to overcome those negative labels from their past. I was able to break through my B.S. with the help of a coach, and I was able to shed my 'labels' and become #1. I believe that everyone has the power to overcome their labels, we all just need a little help sometimes. If you feel stuck in those negative labels reach out to me now!  

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Gerald Eldred - aka Coach G is from San Diego, California and is married to his beautiful wife, Evelynn, having together 5 kids and 9 grandkids. At the age of 8, Coach G was labeled dumb and was diagnosed with a learning disability. He has spent his whole life making his label the inspiration behind finding purpose in his life. By exercising strength in business and fostering his love for connecting with others, has been the key to the realization that he isn’t and neither is anyone else the labels society deems. He KNOWS that your future is about breaking down labels to bring out your own "Genius Within."


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