Go LIVE & Increase Your Organic Reach on Social Media!


Are you outraged at Zuckerberg's most recent algorithm change? Now it costs you more to get even fewer impressions on Facebook. So, learn how to take control of your organic reach right on your cell phone in a matter of 20 minutes! Get comments to get seen on Facebook!

Facebook’s algorithm now promotes what your closest Facebook friends have liked or commented on recently. Therefore, you have to create compelling content that gets comments in order to get similar results for the money you were paying before January 11, 2018.

Studies show LIVE video is the absolute fastest way to increase the number of comments you receive on your channel. That’s why video usage is growing!

"Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users" - WordStream, April 2018. LIVE video is becoming the new way to interact with your ideal customer and to share visual information in real time. LIVE video outperforms all other forms of media.

Also, studies show consumers prefer to consume video content over written content. Even short movie files, using images like RIPL, gets 300%+ engagement. And studies show that LIVE video gets SIX TIMES the engagement.

This is good news for business owners who are willing to be on the camera!

Are you ready to grow your revenue? So, start the camera rolling! Now, more than ever, you need to go LIVE on a regular basis if you want to increase your organic followers or have paid marketing on Facebook or Instagram.

Be ready to Go LIVE!

At 333 Social Media it won’t be confusing to sift through the LIVE video marketing tools available and you will never waste time finding lots of precious resources that work for you and your business.

That’s why it’s easy to increase your organic reach on Facebook and Instagram.

Just simply Go LIVE twice a month to talk about your clients’ top FAQs!

Here are some tips to effectively generate comments:

How To ‘Go LIVE’ On Top Business FAQs

#1 Client Obstacle (FAQ) You Hear Every Day

A Client Success Story for That Obstacle

A Myth Associated With That Obstacle

Title the Myth Buster Broadcast

Go LIVE on FAQ & Bust the Myth In the Intro!

Use a Prop/Create Movement In the Intro

Say “YOU” 1-2 Times In the First 5 Seconds to Increase Viewership

Generate Creative Ways to Interact With Your Audience & Get Comments

Add Subtitles Before Boosting to Existing Sphere

PRO TIP: Get Other Brands/Influencers to Tag/Mention Your Business


And now you can just sit back and watch the comments and organic reach roll in.

Crystal Lindsey

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Crystal Lindsey, MBA is an industry leading social media expert, professor, public speaker, and entrepreneur.  Crystal established 333socialmedia.com to help people use storytelling branding and LIVE social media to grow their businesses. Get your FREE Facebook LIVE Checklist HERE and learn to drive inbound web traffic and increase revenue using LIVE Video & Storytelling Branding. Crystal’s passion is to help real estate agents enhance brand loyalty, drive referrals, and build profitable referral partners.