Gratitude is all Attitude


Every year we hit that time of year where we start to recount the things we are grateful for and the importance of being thankful for everything we have.  It's easy to be grateful when things are going your way, when the law of attraction is abundant, or when you receive help from a friend.

Entrepreneurship conversely is nothing close to an easy street.  That journey is full of constant uncertainties, highs, and lows that are unprecedented, developing haters (oh yes, it happens) so one would wonder what we are supposed to be grateful for when madness is surrounding us?  

That really comes down to knowing why being grateful is so important.

Multiples studies have found that expressing gratitude increases self-esteem, energy, and determination. People who are grateful and express it have fewer aches, less anxiety, and get better rest which all increases productivity and efficiency; two essential qualities of an entrepreneurial person.  Additionally, gratitude allows for higher team efficiency for their efforts being recognized and overall makes someone a better leader!

Entrepreneurship is not for those who can't take a hit or two.  Under the extreme excitement, riches, and free-hearted life that can come from it, entrepreneurship requires tough work and determination.  This is why when you’re deep in the trenches it is so important to show gratitude with intention.

Here are a couple of easy ways to show gratitude!!

Making a list

Start off by making a simple list that shows the basics of what you do have in life.  A roof over your head, running water, hot water, car, food to eat, a friend to call, amazing events that have taken place in your life.  

Now imagine life without those things.  Already if we have a roof over our head, running water, and food we are more privileged than 99% of the world.  Give thanks for the good things in your life, just a few seconds spent doing this will change your perspective on everything.  

Say Thank You

Start just saying thank you whenever you’re given the opportunity to use those words around you, whether it be near friends or family, or to your waiter for being an attendant or not.  These words will usually always bring a smile to those they are delivered to. Ever heard of something called the ripple effect? A smile can go a long way!!

The Challenge

I know life would be more comfortable if things just happened, but sometimes it’s important to be grateful for the struggle and the challenge.  When we fall, we must get back up and just like in life that holds true for an entrepreneur.

It might not always be easy to be grateful for the struggle in our hustle, but when you reflect on everything you have already been through, and you’re still present, that is something to be grateful for.  

Being patient and grateful is a practice that can have an incredibly positive effect on you and those that surround you.  Those direct factors can and will have an impact on your performance and your business.

Jonathan Anderson-Ingebrigtsen

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If Jonathan Anderson-Ingebrigtsen could have any dream it would be that people spend more time making fun and quirky memories while seeing the world around them.  Life is too short to wait till tomorrow or live life on a some-day mentality.
He comes from the structured world of corporate HR and company cultural redesign and made the transition to a life that allowed him to become a Travel Blogger and Real Estate professional serving our Veteran Community while Living Full Time!
When he is not traveling around the world or helping his clients find their dream home, he loves parading around the house dancing to music, networking and developing others to help them reach their full potential, all-while munching on sour-gummies of all kinds.

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