Gratitude Paves the Way to Greatness and Success

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With owning more than $120 million in real estate assets, they never forget who got them to where they are today.

Steve Lloyd, Founder and Managing Partner, and Kerry Faix, Partner and CFO, of Stone Bay Holdings, are grateful for every investor who has ever believed in them and they show it with gratitude in many forms.

“Our investors are the most important people in the world. There's nobody more important because we would have nothing if not for them,” said Steve.

After every investment they send their investor a gift. Sometimes it’s a small gift but, most notably, it’s an annual year-end party where they invite all of their investors, past and present, to enjoy food, drinks and relationship building. After all, every get-together is a chance to improve your relationship with others. Steve said, “We don’t think of us as getting wealthy; we think of all of us getting wealthy together.”

How Do You Build a Multi-Million Dollar Company?

One dollar at a time (rather, one investment at a time).

Steve’s drive and determination was evidenced when he was a mere lad at 8 years old. He started with a paper route, then graduated to working in a local pizza shop at 16 and owning it at age 20. He built it into a very successful business.

But he knew there was something else. He discovered his “something else” when he attended a real estate meeting with a group of 13 other people.

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

He ended up getting into the mortgage side of real estate and what made his business unique was that he only worked with people who were investors, which meant multiple loans from one person per year instead of one loan at a time.

He then got the itch to build his own real estate portfolio making his first investment a $60,000 row home in his neighborhood.

Then someone gave him the idea of student housing. He took a row home, turned the living room into a bedroom and turned the basement into a social area. He charged $500 per bedroom, realizing phenomenal returns. He went on to build a Student Housing portfolio of $13 million through the economic downturn by utilizing private lenders and securing them to the property.

Believe In Yourself

Steve believes wholeheartedly in what he and Kerry are doing. Although doubts enter the mind, it’s very important to surround yourself with the right people. Kerry says, “I think the success as an entrepreneur is you have to have that inner get-back-up-again. When you get knocked down, it’s how fast you get back up. When you believe in yourself, others believe in you and your passion is contagious.”

The hard times are definitely coming. You know the entrepreneur route is not an easy one. Believing in yourself really does move you further along and will get you up there faster.

Where to Start

It may sound cliche, but Steve’s #1 recommendation is to scroll through your phone. When you’re starting out it’s easier to start with friends and family than it is to go through the banks. It’s an easier system and they know you. They believe in YOU more than the actual property.

Steve’s #2 recommendation is to associate yourself with great people. Go to investor meetings, find out who the good, credible, caring, ethical people are. When asked how he determines who is ethical, Steve responded with this golden nugget:

“I’ve made the mistake of going too fast in the past, so now we interview people. Nothing's built in a day. A couple years ago a gentleman wanted to do business with us right away, but it took about nine months before we did business with him. We asked friends about him. We watched him on Facebook. We wanted to see what he was doing on the weekends. Was he spending time with his family, his wife? What was he doing on the holidays? Was he out at the bar or were his kids more important? It now takes 6 to 9 months to become vetted with us.”


In as little as 12 years, Steve’s assets have grown from zero to more than $120 million. Steve calls it “Insanity.” It’s hard to believe that his first investment was a mere $60,000 and his most recent investment is valued at $36 million. What’s extra cool is that they have 1,400 tenants who are paying down the mortgage loans for them. Again, insanity. The word he uses to describe this insanity is Drive and it keeps him and Kerry going. Everyday they wake up with the same mindset, that they’re going for the next deal.

As weird as it may sound, they didn’t continually track the overall value of their portfolio until recently. To their surprise and way beyond their imagination, it was over $120 million worth of assets.

Kerry shared that, “There is never a lull because the next funding opportunity comes up. And that's why we never stopped and looked at what we had. It was keep going, keep building, keep growing."

Vacation? Hobbies?

Vacation and hobbies? What’s that? As is customary for many entrepreneurs, Kerry and Steve rarely take vacation and have decreased their hobbies. They’re in the office early and leave late.

Somebody asked Steve recently what his hobby is. He got a little bummed when he realized he doesn’t ski anymore or do some of the things he used to do. But, after some reflection, he came to the realization that he LOVES what he does so much and that it is embedded in him. He chuckled when he realized his hobby is buying multi million dollar real estate investments and spending time with his investors. Kerry is the same way.

In conclusion, here are three hacks that will put you on the road to success.

Hack #1

Hold assets for a long period of time. You have to have revenue coming in, so Steve teaches that 75% of your holdings should be rentals and 25% should be fixing and flipping.

Hack #2

Keep making phone calls. Don't sit around waiting for people to call you. You have to get over that fear of calling people to ask them to get involved with you.

Hack #3

The Three Pillars

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” The three pillars represent multiple streams of income, a very important component to creating wealth.

Stone Bay’s Pillars are 1) Notes - buying charged-off mortgages; 2) Private Lending - lending money on real estate; and 3) Apartment Buildings - buying apartment buildings over $8 million. This creates three streams of passive income.

What three pillars will you create for your business?

“Make today the best day ever because you will never get it back.” ~Steve Lloyd

Steve Lloyd

Steve Lloyd, Founder and Managing Partner

Kerry Faix, Partner and CFO

Stone Bay Holdings


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