Growing With Gratitude: B Corp Certification

21-23 september 2018 | Jenna Lane missouri |

What I love about entrepreneurship is the common thread of altruism, the belief and practice of devotion to the welfare of others.  The entrepreneurial community is full of forward thinking individuals looking to make a difference in their communities.  One way to make that intention official is to earn a “B Corp Certification.”

A “B Corp Certification” is a designation given to companies that meet certain standards of transparency as defined by a non-profit company called B Lab, a global organization that measures a company’s positive impact on workers, the community and the environment.  According to, “think of it as the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for businesses voluntarily trying to do well by doing good.”

You may be thinking, “Okay, but why do I want that designation?” Well, it can make good BUSINESS sense for your profitability! On their website, discusses 11 ways this branding can enhance your bottom line, ranging from leading a global movement and protecting a mission to attracting high-end investors and qualifying for special discounts on products and services.

A quick Google search reveals there are currently 2,181 Certified B Corps in 50 countries, including Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation cleaning products, and Etsy, the online retail giant. offers a free Impact Assessment tool to help guide companies toward measuring and managing the business equivalent of a carbon footprint.

Some of the corporations involved are large entities. Most of them, however, are small businesses operated by entrepreneurs with huge hearts and social consciousness. offers a free Impact Assessment tool to help guide companies toward measuring and managing the business equivalent of a carbon footprint. lists 3 easy steps to becoming a B Corp:

Step 1)  To meet the  performance requirements, start by taking the Impact Assessment at and earn a score of 80/200 or higher.

Step 2)  To meet the legal requirements, check with your state’s laws for the corporate structure.

Step 3)  To make your commitment official, sign the “Declaration of Interdependence” and “Term Sheet” found online.  There is a sliding scale fee schedule dependent on gross receipts.

Need more help?  There is a “Certification Webinar” available online.  In addition, you can get more information here:   Call:  610-293-0299   Email:

Does the idea of changing the world by growing your business appeal to you?  If you are like most of the entrepreneurs I know, I’m pretty sure it does.  Let’s do this!

Kathy Kendrick


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