Hey man, what are you made of?


Do you know how crucial is your role as a man in women’s lives right now? We really need you on this.

According to wcsap.org “Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes.” This means is that while you are reading this article (maybe it will take 4 minutes) at least 2 women will be raped, just in this country. And most of these women will be raped by a “man.”

These women are someone’s daughter, sister, wife, friend, and/or girlfriend. Each one of them has a life, hopes, dreams, things that make her happy, and all of that will change after that moment, forever.

The effects of sexual and/or physical abuse are endless and various: depression, PTSD, self-harm, suicide, are a few of them. NOTHING will be the same, ever, and no one is exempt from becoming a victim.

Now it is your moment to show what are you made of. Violence against women and men are performed primarily by men, in these cases, it is a men’s issue, it is a men’s wrongdoing, and men can play a crucial role in helping change these statistics.

Not every man is an abuser or a rapist, but many men can be supporting this type of violence without even realizing they are doing it.

How can you help to decrease these horrendous statistics?

1. All of our words matter.

How we use them can either build people up or tear them down. Be aware of your words when talking about women. Many cultures and older generations use to treat women as a sack of meat just to impress male friends. Unfortunately, it is still happening. You can be an agent of change by pointing it out.

When another male makes a sexist comment or jokes about women, stand up for what’s right, against demeaning comments. That woman could be your sister, your mother, or someone you love…

2. Be a part of the solution.

If you see something that is wrong, and might end in an abusive situation, don’t be a silent witness. Take action. Nothing, and I mean nothing, justifies abuse. You are a good man, the whole world needs you.

If somebody is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, she or he would be incapable of making conscious decisions. That includes sex. There is nonconsensual sex when one is under the influence of any kind of substance. By teaching that to our children, we can prevent many illegal situations and their repercussions, including unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, etc..

3. Don’t be part of any group abuse situation.

Understand that peer pressure can be overwhelming, but the consequences of giving up, can devastate your life and future. Learn to say no, and again, don’t be a silent witness of the horror of abuse of power in the form of sexual assault, or any other form. If you see something and don’t do anything about it, you will share the guilt too. Report to authorities, call 911, help that person trapped in that unwanted situation. You are more powerful than you think. Educate your male friends, by questioning their beliefs about how to treat a woman. Women and men are equals. It is time to respect each one’s personal space.

You can change the world, you can save a life today, by being aware of what is going on right now and stand out against sexism and abuse.

Maybe in the future, if you have a daughter, she will feel safer living in a better world, because many men, like you, decided to stand up and show the world what they were made of. I believe in you. Just remember how powerful your voice is.

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