How I Started My Business


To start your business, the only thing you need is will. A will to win, and a will to take your dream to the next level.

A lot of times people tell me they wished they could open their own business, they wished they had a partner or the right investor, or of having the funds to start it...

Believe me; you don't need any of that, I arrived here in the USA with none of the above and knocked at every tailor shop in San Diego looking for a job. After one month of searching for jobs, I finally knocked on the right door of a well-known tailor that gave me a chance.

I didn't even speak English that well to know all the tailor terms in a different language, needles, fabric, threads all of that not one word. But, I did know how to do the job, and I did know I had the goal of opening my own tailor shop one day.

After a year of working for someone else's dreams, I gathered up all my savings and put a deposit to open my very first commercial space.

I only had one sewing machine and my will. I knew everything had to work because there was no plan B, so I put my body and soul to the business.

I had just opened after the worst year of recession, and most people said I was crazy to begin my journey of business in these times, but it didn't matter because I had a dream and knew I could make it come true if I didn't give up. So every day, I worked a little longer, a little harder, and a little better.

Soon word started to spread about my business (yes it was all word of mouth, there wasn't any money for marketing) I added a second sewing machine and other machines that would help reduce the time needed to complete tasks.

In 7 years of business I look back and remember all the times I worked non stop and not knowing what would come next and you definitely will too. But you will also look back and see how one day at a time you made your dream come true.

It's not easy, and I advise you to don't start your adventure thinking you will have more time. That you'll be freer because you are gonna forget the words, "sleep," "eat," "wake-up," sometimes even to go to the restroom. The only word you will know is "work," and that word will start to be a part of you, you live for it, and it lives for you.

There will undoubtedly be hard times but, every moment will start to feel more and more gratifying with the recognition of your work. The happiness of your client will make you forget those hard moments, and you’ll honestly start to feel that all the hard work was worth it.

You must go beyond yourself, and only then you will find YOURSELF.

This is how Tailor Love was born, and this is how your business can be born.


Carla Pereira

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