How Solid Is Your Business?


Does a foundation play a part in success?  It does.

From birth, we start building the foundation of our life. From learning to walk, talk, and getting along with other people.

A strong foundation is a must in order to be successful in life and business.  To be a successful person, we learn how to deal with competition, loss, failure, rejection, and defeat.  All of which makes you a stronger person with the ability to handle adversity.

Foundation is so essential as a business owner for you to succeed. What we build is not only crucial to the business as a whole but the people, vendors, and customers we employ and do business with.  The Foundation is built on much more than a desire and a financial ability, To be a successful business owner, you will need to know what your expenses are and how they actually breakdown. That doesn’t mean knowing how much the rent is if you have a storefront. It means knowing what the rent is by the square footage and understanding the cost of operating it, i.e. (equipment, payroll, maintenance, etc.)  Entrepreneurs need to have a foundation in accounting or business math, handling several different personalities whether it is associates, employees or customers.

Both our business and life need to have a strong foundation to be successful.  So be sure you have more than just money and a desire to succeed when you decide to become an entrepreneur/business owner.  Take the time you are going to need to research the business, the surrounding companies and the people or needs and concerns of the area you are looking to open a business in.

Does a Foundation play a part in a successful business?  YES