How To Avoid the Top 3 Mistakes in Event Planning


Who doesn’t like going to events? They can be fun, educational, and create valuable connections, though we have all been to an event or two that could be better. We are going to explore three common mistakes people make when planning events that can lead to an uninspired event.

1. Pitchfests Can Be a Real B**chfest

The number one mistake at networking events is when people pitch and repeat. This ends up creating an event where there is no real value and no point in attending. Once an event has a reputation for being somewhere that people go to pitch themselves, others who wish to provide value won't see the point in attending. Although you can’t control what people say to each other, you can institute games and criteria throughout the night that foster an environment of people connecting.

The best part of any event should be the people you have the opportunity to connect with, so encourage people to attend who want to make connections, those who want to raise up the community as well as themselves. Each entrepreneur has something special to offer the world; let's help them realize their true potential and not just their tired pitch.

Make your event unforgettable: institute games & foster an environment of people connecting.

2. Lack of Structure

When planning an event, make sure you take into consideration that not everyone is tuned in to your schedule. Make sure you leave time for your guests to network with each other in the activities you have planned. When you don’t have this time added to the schedule, there is a good chance they will network during the value you have designed for them. This not only takes away from other guests, but it turns the event that you put so much work into preparing, into just another networking event.

When you put work into planning an event, know what outcome you want to achieve and make your event stand out in your niche. Remember that your guests can go anywhere to network anytime they want, so you have to give them a reason to want to come to your event.

Make your event stand out: Have time planned in for networking so guests can get the most out of it and will keep coming back!

3. Food or Drinks Onsite

I know it may seem like a minor detail, but having food or drinks onsite can make or break an event. When people are hungry, they get distracted. There is a good chance your guests who are hungry or thirsty will take the first chance they have to leave your event. Don’t let that happen! Even though your value may be great, it’s hard to think of anything else when you are hungry!

Having food and drinks at your event will make it easier for your guests to stay comfortable and focused while you have value planned for them!

Pro tip - Food fosters focus! Keeping your guests full will help keep them happy!

These tips may seem small, but implementing them will create a unique event your guests will enjoy time and time again!

Kristen Crooks

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Kristen Crooks is a personal assistant, ghostwriter, event planner, and speaker. She works closely with all their clients to truly understand their passions, tone, and ideas so their vision can unfold in front of their eyes. In a world that is increasing more digital Kristen hopes to bring her personal touch to each article, and event that she works on. While working with Stegela Success Mastery Kristen found her passion in writing and planning events for those around her. Starting out in Cosmetology and Barbering Kristen has always enjoyed the freedom that entrepreneurship allows but was not living her passion! Now Kristen focuses on helping others through amazing events, and making sure their stories are told, and heard! While events and ghostwriting are part of her passion, the true joy comes form helping people achieve their goals, and ultimately see others dreams unfold before their eyes.