How to Become a Successful Amazon Seller

Navigating the Big Wide World of Amazon

photo.jpg is a well-oiled machine, “Prime-d” for your entertainment, education, and gifting pleasures. But how can you turn it into a successful business venture?

Amazon is the type of machine you must “learn as you go.” Thankfully, Amazon provides multiple avenues to learn through Seller University, Seller Forums, and the extensive Help section, with generous information to get sellers up and running with confidence. There are great payoffs for sellers with self-discipline, a loyalty to consistency, and passion to learn details of the Amazon system to fast forward one’s financial benefit. It’s essentially a mailing & online job.

Amazon’s available inventory is made possible by many individual sellers who join online to provide their inventory of choice to Amazon’s 250 million customers. You can sell one thing or many; new or used. You can sell as an “Individual” (for free), or as a “Pro” with extra features ($39.99/month), or else can sell as a “Registered Business” on Amazon with even more perks, plus be part of their “Brand Registry.” Some sellers choose to use the helpful FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program, which sends items to customers for you, benefitting with a FREE 2-day shipping perk, adding to the customer’s incentive to buy.

NOTE: Inventory MUST be packaged and labeled to meet Amazon’s standards.

It’s a worldwide enterprise with online storefronts in just about every country. Amazon is constantly generating new fulfillment centers around the world to accommodate their growing customer base.

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As with any business, in order to be successful you need to create a budget. Create a budget for inventory to sell, shipping costs, and packaging materials. You MUST follow Amazon’s specific rules for prepping your items for delivery to customers, whether fulfilled by merchant/seller or FBA. Find the rules at


You can expect a large time investment upfront (I suggest 4 hours per day, watching tutorials and implementing lessons, and up to 6 hours if speaking with customer service reps to answer your detailed questions). You must obtain “category approval” to sell and that takes time.


Now it’s time to sell!

  • Buy wholesale bulk inventory. Price it. List it.
  • Decide whether you want to fulfill customer orders yourself or have Amazon do it for you through FBA (varied fees apply).
  • Go live with your sellable items!

Check up on your seller’s account at for data related to the review of sales for each day, an inventory management section, and peek into your account health, which is judged by Amazon watchdogs.

Be careful! Seller accounts can be terminated when you don’t follow their rules. Amazon holds sellers to high standards to weed out non-legit sellers, which requires you to seek “category approval” to sell in certain categories. Each product type has its own unique application process. As a new seller, more rules apply! Seller beware!

See you next time for more on how to succeed with Amazon!

By Tara Nichole | TN Galleries | Amazon Author and Registered Business Seller

Tara Nichole


As an art gallery owner, radio show host, and event coordinator, and as an artist, singer-songwriter and communications advocate, I have learned there’s beauty in both offline and online business. As a business owner and spokesperson, I value the amazing suite of tools within the e-commerce and communication platforms, and plan a presence here to promote positive assistive messages for all who venture towards personal growth and wellness. Through live art, live music, regular creative workshops, and an online presence, I write and sing and speak to teach where there is learning to be had, and art and ideas to celebrate. My art and music can be found online or at festivals.