How to Dream and Create Your Reality

How to Dream and Create Your Reality


Why are you where you are?  Why am I where I am? Where am I going?  Now, as I ponder this notion and develop this vision of my distant all becomes a blurr — the elevated destination beckons with intensity.  

(The Vision) I se the big yard with beautiful green grass.  I feel my hands on the brown wooden fence watching the kids play or just watching cars zoom by on the red dirt road.  Then feeling the calm breeze of pleasant winds filled with the fragrance of wildflowers blowing against my face while now leaning against the brown wooden fence.  Again, “why am I where I am?”

After half of our life has been lived, what possible factors have given us limited success and cycles of distress? As we ponder this question, I realize things about me, my past events as a child, teen and as an adult.  Not sure of the details all the time yet some not so favorable emotions drive my train of thought today of why I am where I am? On some level it feels that the cycle of life is not you’re born, you live, and then you die.  Some merely are born and miss living – then die. I believe I have formed my ideology on living life in pursuit of attainable goals and extraordinary dreams. Dreams which stretch my will, potential, intellect, belief, and faith.  Life should be lived to arrive at a space in time which it’s not about climbing it’s about living and contributing on autopilot to enhancing all lives around us. Without this, we lack a solid foundation.  

Some knowledge of, some paths I’ve crossed and even some that I have consciously forgotten yet, my subconscious remembers.  Living in the now brings a sense of delivery from the virtual pain of ultimate regret in the end. The last breath, be it in the next moment or next month or after the other half of my life has run its course, I am committed to developing life’s most profound meanings, it’s most fruitful value, it’s a most fulfilling journey, and you should too.  

So, I continue to ask, why am I where I am?  What is the truth? I believe the deepest thoughts and purest replies are found at moments of vulnerability.  When you quiet the noise by going on a reflective, explorative ride within, the signage upon the walls of the long-reaching tunnels of your past will likely reveal clips of truths we seek.  There’s darkness pierced with flashing neon lights. Telling us, there may be some moments of weakness yet; many good deeds tilt the scale in your favor.

Remember, to have a solid foundation you must understand what you are made of.

Three things you want to do: 

1. Ponder your peppered past experiences.

2. Know what has shaped your present skills/talents.

3. Explore and grow your emotional fitness. Your foundation is your story.

Rashid H Hill

Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer, and developer of high performance. Project Manager by trade and have a passion for self-improvement. The promoter of life extended learning. Consultant and investor in emerging technologies like blockchain.