How Young Entrepreneur Society Creates Leaders in High Schools That Will Change the World


Many of us have heard the phrase, “What is your WHY?” Many times we hear people say their “Why” is because they want to change the world. But what does that actually mean? Changing the world is a huge goal and I applaud that. Then comes the question of, “How do we do that?” and “Where do we start?” While there are many ways to change the world, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Young Entrepreneur Society (YES).

Regardless if a student has goals for a corporate job or wants to become an entrepreneur, the spirit of entrepreneurship is one that can positively benefit anyone’s life. While YES is a leading authority that brings the spirit of entrepreneurship to high schools on many levels, this article will focus on how we are building future leaders and world changers with a simple acronym, “ACE.”

Accelerate Growth. When referring to our YES students, the growth that we always want to encourage is personal growth. One main area we always focus on first is growing. Many of the students are new to personal development and some have never even heard of it. With that said, YES is dedicated to bringing books, videos, and speakers who encourage and accelerate growth of the mind, professionalism, and mindset.

Create Confidence. I am sure we can all agree that having a strong amount of confidence is crucial to success in life. I believe that it is our responsibility as adults and leaders to create new confidence in our youth; give them reasons to be proud. YES encourages self-affirmations, as well as encouragement and uplifting exercises amongst the students. When confidence is high, I am sure we can all agree that we perform at our highest peak, and if we stumble, we are not discouraged.

Empower Leaders. If you’re like me, then you are well aware of the fact that “Leaders create leaders.” YES is no exception to this. YES is in high schools to encourage and empower students to become the next leaders of this world. We do that through exercises that build up skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, leveraging individual skills, and through the power of public speaking, and magazine article contributions. Right now is the perfect time for them to build up those leadership skills that will last them a lifetime; whether in the corporate conference room, as an influencer on stage speaking to their audience, or even when leading their team to a victory.

So, my friends, keep in mind that the best way to bring long-term change in the world is by starting with the youth. While there may be many awesome ideas out there on how we can make an impact, always remember that the best gift and contribution you can give another person, and on a larger scale the world, is knowledge, compassion, and experiences.

Mary Hang


Mary Hang is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although she wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, her biggest and most rewarding passion is impacting the youth through Young Entrepreneur Society.