I Am Me


Being authentically yourself and showing up despite the pain, trauma, and failure is something we all struggle with. When Shirkydra first started her entrepreneurial journey, it was because she saw a need. Shirkydra is a speaker and a coach that helps men and women work through the trauma in their lives. But more importantly, she can help you know that your trauma doesn’t define you. Every trauma and every pain you have experienced has helped shape you into the person you are today, and now you can use that pain to fuel your purpose. 

Being a ‘me too’ survivor, Shirkydra saw that there were so many people admitting what happened to them, but what’s next? Being able to speak up is such an important step, but how can you use that pain to fuel your purpose? That is why Shirkydra started the ‘I Am Me’ movement. Now Shirkydra coaches people on the five key pillars to owning who you are; trauma and all! 

When Shirkydra realized how many people were out there that needed help owning their reality, she had not opened up on the level that she knew she had to. It was at a women conference with about 100 people when she got on stage and shared what she had not even shared with her mother. This is when around 30 more women got up and shared their stories, and how they too did not tell their mothers. The feeling of helping women get a breakthrough and start owning who they are is something that Shirkydra hopes to inspire in millions of others.

So what are the five pillars of ‘I Am Me’?

  1. Pain 

  2. Truth 

  3. Gift 

  4. Purpose 

  5. Path

You must acknowledge your pain, own your truth, find the gift in it, allow your pain to fuel your future, and you will find your path. These are the five pillars of the I Am Me Academy, where you can learn to show up as your authentic self! 

As Shirkydra worked through building this academy, she found so many trials and tribulations. But what she wants you to know is with every failure there is still hope! In life, hope is everything! You will fail, there will be pain, there will be trials and there will be tribulations, but as the great Les Brown says, “If you can look up, you can get up!” 

So don’t be afraid to get knocked down because in every failure and every pain there is a lesson. There was a point when even Shirkydra couldn’t see it in herself. But that is where being around the right people, and finding the right mentor can change everything. When Shirkydra didn’t see it in herself, her soon to be coach Stephen Dela Cruz gave her the hope to keep on going. He saw her strength, determination, and willingness to keep working through the pain! This is why Shirkydra now coaches people on how to find hope and continue going. 

Through your entrepreneur journey, you will find so much advice, and so many coaches but keep in mind success is not an overnight ordeal. If you can find 100% of yourself, you will be able to give 100% to your business, and making the impact in the world that you want to make. So remember no matter where you are in your journey that there is hope for you, and there is still hope inside of you!

Finding the purpose in your pain can be a task, but having someone to show you the way will make your journey easier. So if you want to learn how to find 100% of yourself, and own your past, reach out to Shirkydra and get involved in the, I Am Me Academy!

Shirkydra Roberts


Shirkydra Roberts is a native of Dallas, TX. She is the CEO of I.A.M.E. (Impact, Aspire, Motivate Enterprises). She is a Motivational Speaker, Life Transformation Coach, Published Author, and she is also serving Active Duty Navy as an Engineering Officer. She uses her story as a #METOO Survivor to impact those in the world that feel as though they have no voice. She aims to empower those that have yet to embrace or tell their story. She helps people experience emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom after traumatic experiences.


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