I Am That I Am


I am that I am.

What do these words mean to you?

When I was asked to write an article about Foundation, I had to sit and think about what was the actual foundation in my life... Is it my health? Is it my family? Is it my business?

All of these are important areas of my life, and they are all necessary for me to feel contentment and fulfillment, but I came to the conclusion that they are not my foundation.

After sitting in retrospection for a while, I realized that the true foundation of my life is my relationship with my Higher Self.

I can call it God, I can call it my true self, I can call it spirit or my soul. To me, all of these terms comprise of the same thing. It is that inner acceptance, the peace and the trust I experience, when I allow myself to be truly OK with who I am, my life choices, my life circumstances. It is that self-love I can generate, even when the worst of the events happen in my life. It is that trust in God, the surrender, the compass that is leading my life.

I am that I am…

Without it, I am nothing. I can be experiencing great highs in business, but it will never be enough. I could be with an amazing man, that is crazy in love with me, yet I will still feel anxious and not able to receive his love. I can have hundreds of friends and yet feel lonely inside.

There is absolutely NOTHING, that can substitute my relationship with my source. Without it, I am forever searching, forever broken and forever needing to be fixed. With it, when I know for certain who I am - I am complete. Even without the wealth, without a romantic relationship, with extra weight, etc. My relationship with my source is my foundation. It is from it every other area of my life stems and works.

"I am that I am" means I am fully here, I am fully complete, I am fully perfect, and I am fully now.

Not contingent upon anyone or anything else. We are not conditioned by time or circumstance.

I am that I am.


Khrystyna Chorna, a.k.a. Real Estate Supergirl, is an ambitious, caring, dedicated woman who immigrated to the U.S. from the country of Ukraine in 2006.

She majored in International Relations and got her Bachelor's Degree in Financial Management. Khrystyna is a licensed and awarded Realtor since 2009. She is very passionate about her business and has created a VIP Supergirl's Club with her past and current clients, providing a Before, During and After Sale service to them.

Outside of the exciting world of real estate, Khrystyna is extremely passionate and interested in women's issues. She has put on events that empower, connect and inspire women. She became a published author of "Welcome to America" book in 2018. Her ultimate goal and dream are to have women feel ENOUGH, HAPPY, EMPOWERED and IN LOVE WITH THEMSELVES.